TeamViewer - Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing

TeamViewer - Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing
Description:- TeamViewer  is an application to access and control computers remotely with proper desktop sharing, presentations, online meetings, training sessions, team work and collaboration.

Pain Point/Need:-

  • Remote Computer Monitoring and Controlling
  • Real Time Collaboration Tool
  • Live Meetings, Desktop Sharing

Platform:- Windows 8, Desktop, iOS and Android

Usability:- The simplest way to use TeamViewer is that the user needs launch the application and the application generates a User ID and a Password. By sharing this ID and password with another user, the user can allow the other user to easily control and access his computer for effective remote access, screen sharing, presentations, file transfer, support, etc. In the advanced connection and management mode, the user need to have a TeamViewer account and to connect to other computer the can simply use the User ID and Password or can add users to their contact list. TeamViewer automatically remembers the computers to which the user had connected before, so that the user can reconnect easier and faster. Users can maximize the TeamViewer application window, as well as utilize smart options from the drop-down toolbar. With ‘big X’ users can control connections, disable remote input, and reboot remotely. ‘View’ menu provides options to adjust the screen resolution with speed optimization & multiple-monitor displays. One of the prime features of TeamViewer is that it works without requiring firewall- reconfiguration. With file box, users can share documents and files with other users. Also, with features to schedule and organize connections, users can schedule their meetings and connections in advance or start instant meetings whenever required.

Prices: -

  1. Non Commercial (Personal) Use – Free
  2. Business - Rs. 28,500.00 (1 installation, 15 meeting participants)
  3. Premium - Rs. 57,100.00 (Unlimited installations, 1 session channel, 25 meeting participants, Including TeamViewer Management Console
  4. Corporate - Rs. 1, 14,000.00 (Unlimited installations, 3 session channels, 25 meeting participants including TeamViewer Management Console)

Our Review: - TeamViewer is a good tool for teachers and students through which teachers can easily monitor their students’ work, irrespective of the place from which they are working, especially in Labs. One of the good features of TeamViewer is that it is very easy to use and can be used even without modifying any of the system settings or even the firewalls settings. With free TeamViewer, students and teachers can easily connect to a few number of computer screen instances (we have tested for 8 PC’s as a time). Another good feature of this tool is that it allows users to share their PC screens or send files securely, with the ability to control access rights. The best feature of TeamViewer is connection scheduling which allows users to pre-schedule connections/meetings with others. Also with ‘My videos’ users can enable video streaming with other users along with real-time collaboration and sharing. This is a great tool for schools to monitor their teachers’ and/or students’ activities in labs and/or classrooms.

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