Learn English Easily with EnguruTalk

Learn English Easily with EnguruTalk

Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom. ‒ Roger Bacon

Language learning is there in the learning list of most nowadays. The reason continues to be the importance it has. Speaking multiple languages definitely helps one in long run. It not only broadens one knowledge box by introducing them to a complete different tongue and culture but also opens a lot of exciting opportunities.

Learning a foreign language not only reveals how other societies think and feel, what they have experienced and value, and how they express themselves, it also provides a cultural mirror in which we can more clearly see our own society. ‒ Chancellor Edward Lee Gorsuch

Speaking specifically of English, this one language is really important for the time that we are living in. Also expressed as business language or the global language, knowing English open gates for many career options. In order to make it happen easily, increase reach and accessibility for masses many web platforms are there that offers language learning courses. One such platform is EnguruTalk. This platform is an online English learning platform connecting students to hundreds of English teachers across the globe. Revolutionizing the English Learning industry with both affordability and flexibility, students are able to choose plans that fit their needs the best.

Pain Points/Needs:

The platform caters to the problem of English Language Learning with their platform as a solution.


It is a Web based platform.  


The platform is simple to use. User just has to register by mentioning few details and you are good to go. Once registered students get to choose from individual or group classes. There is an option to pick from an entire course or just a skill-based course or just one class. Lesson plans and progress reports ensure that teachers keep track of your progress and know your strengths and weaknesses. User will get advice and tips on how to learn and what to focus on. EnguruTalk provides the best English teachers from across the world. All the teachers are internationally trained and certified, and undergo rigorous training to ensure that you get the very best in English learning. Your teachers are available 24/7. No matter the time or the day, they have teachers ready to teach you. No more rigid, inconvenient schedules – how and when you learn is completely up to you!


Pricing is per class - students can either sign up for a 1-on-1 class or a group class. They have the option of paying for bulk packs or a monthly subscription.


Students can sign up anytime and have English classes 24/7 with teachers from anywhere in the world, with a large focus on Indian students and Indian teachers.

Key Features:

- One-on-one classes with a dedicated teacher.

- Schedule Classes flexibly.

- Focused Learning for you.

- Group Classes with experienced teachers.

Our Review:

In our opinion, EnguruTalk is a nice tool to help oneself with all the English learning. The multiple options like to pick from group lasses or one to one, flexible time schedules, various types of courses/class are some of the reasons that makes it a good option to start with.    

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