Get All the Learning Needs Fulfilled with MobyMax

Get All the Learning Needs Fulfilled with MobyMax

Each student has vivid learning needs and it is important to cater to those needs and make education engaging and interesting for students.

While there are many platforms, tools, apps and other digital resources to make that happen, this one platform is one of its kinds for the awesome features it offers. 

MobyMax is a K-8 learning platform for math, literacy, science, and social studies equipped with adaptive tests, test-prep lessons, and motivational tools such as games and badges. This easy-to-navigate tool lets students move independently through lessons, games, and communication features. With this tool, kids feel motivated to master tiered lessons to earn time in the game area.

Pain Points/Needs:

E-learning, Test-prep, Assessment, Curriculum Lessons, Practice Worksheets, Inquiry based learning                

Platform Compatibility:

It is a web based platform.


This platform caters to almost all the educational needs of educators as well as students. With its super easy interface, the platform is a big hit among the community. To begin with users simply have to register on the platform. To register, mention all the required details from the platform. And you’re good to go with your free account. You can either sign up as a teacher, international teacher, homeschool or administrator. Mention email and password and within no time you are directed to your dashboard. As a Teacher, select your subject and from the library you can browse all lessons by grade level and also check a sample of the assignment the student will be working on.

The interface of the platform is very easy so it won’t take much of your time to get easy with it and the features are just awesome.  


The platform works on a freemium model with limited features for the free model and added features on the premium model.


The platform is a great pick for educators to engage students in study. Based on an initial adaptive test, teachers can select lessons for each student. Subsequent adaptive tests monitor students' skill growth and "learning velocity," the tool's term for the rate at which each student learns. Students work through lessons to achieve playing time in the site's game area. Teachers can customize the features and content for students and parents can monitor their children's scores via a parent portal.

Teachers can customize lessons for each student which makes it a great fit for matching learning to individual students' needs. Lessons are mostly composed of multiple-choice or constructed-response prompts; some teachers might balk at a tool that's so explicitly linked to test prep, but lessons are solid enough to promote some meaningful learning and conceptual understanding.

Our Review:

In our opinion this is a cool tool for guided practice and progress monitoring. The best part is that students, educator as well as parent can stay in a loop and track the activities and performance of the students. MobyMax's feedback and reports can empower students to become more accountable for their own learning. However, users can make the maximum of the platform with the paid subscriptions as well as it would have been awesome if they had an app for the same as that would have made things so much mobile. We recommend you to try the free subscription of the tool and the awesome service will compel you to go for the paid one. 


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