Educreations - Easy Lesson Creation

Educreations - Easy Lesson Creation

Description:- Educreations is a lesson creation app for teachers and students, where they can create lessons using their own voice, handwriting, annotations, images, etc., for better learning and engagement.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Online Interactive Whiteboards
  2. Record Audio, Visual Lessons
  3. Online Lesson Creation

Platform:- Web, iPad

Usability:- For getting started, users need to sign up as a teacher or a student. While signing up as a student, the platform asks users to enter their ‘course code’, if they have any. Also, while signing up as a teacher, users can provide their ‘school name’, so that the platform can connect them with other related users or else they can first register their school with the platform and then continue with the user signup process. Once users create an account with a teacher’s role, they can access their dashboard, and they can create courses and lessons or browse through and edit the existing lessons. Creating lessons is very easy as users just need to select the "new lesson" option and can choose from different colors for the ‘pen’ tool to be used on the whiteboard or can just add pictures to the whiteboard and can annotate, create diagrams or workflows. Also, users can add content from external sources like Dropbox, Web, or take live pictures with the embedded camera. Along with all this, users can record narrations in real time while using the whiteboard which helps students understand better. With different privacy options like ‘private lesson’, ‘visible to my students’, ‘visible to my school’ or ‘public’ users can easily manage content for their audience. For external users, the platform provides an enrollment URL, using which they can enroll to any course.

Prices:- Free

Our Review:- Educreations is a good app for teachers/students to demonstrate their learning and understanding on a particular topic by creating lessons with tools like writing on the screen, images, recording voice, etc. Teachers can easily utilize this app for creating and explaining their lessons in a proper format with audio, images and annotations. With this they can easily use the concept of flipped classroom as they can post lessons online, before or after the class, for students to view and later discuss their doubts and queries, in the classroom. Good features like using own handwriting, images, recordings, making multiple pages, and exporting videos make lessons more interactive, engaging and real. Along with these, features like sharing URL and privacy settings, allow easy collaboration. Educreations is a good lesson creation tool that has almost every feature that helps create lessons that improve engagement and learning amongst learners.

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