Play Brighter - Gamify Your Class.

Play Brighter - Gamify Your Class.
Description: - Playbrighter is a game-based educational platform with subject based questions for teachers to teach and test student’s knowledge.

Pain point/Need: -

       1.     Online Game Based Education Platform

       2.     Online education 

management and task.

       3.     Education games for Class.

 Platform: - Web

Usability:- Getting started with PlayBrighter is easy and simple as it only asks for user to create their account with valid details. After login to the account, educator can add their mission which can assigned to any number of students of a class. Also they can invite external student or teacher to the mission. From students tab, educator can easily manage their class students with their status on a particular mission or task. While creating a mission educator can choose from game and search question on any topic associated with that game, search keyword and mission. With question set, teacher can easily add and assign question, key stage (Level of the question), and subject to any of their class and mission. Also with add a school, users can easily add multiple schools to their account for better management and workflow.

Prices: - 

Free for two missions

2.      Pro account – Contact us page

Our Review: -PlayBrighter is a good platform for teachers to create and manage their classroom in game like environment. With features like mission, teachers can easily test their students’ knowledge on a topic or subject. Platform performing everything in an elegant and game based colorful UI to helps students in more engagement and retention. As playbrighter is easy to use, it allows Question sets to ask questions in form of multiple choice questions. As students learns and proceeds through the level of the games, they will be rewarded with online currency to improve their avatars on the platform. By which student remains more pumped up and motivated to work. One of the best feature for teachers is that they can preview and play missions with their specific set of students, to test their learning and mindset. Playbrighters is a good platform for teachers and students to learn in an exciting world of game based learning .

How to use it (Training Videos):-


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