Create Quick and Easy Presentations with SlideBot Education

Create Quick and Easy Presentations with SlideBot Education

A video resource is always a great idea to help students with the academic engagement, be it asking students to make presentation or the educator making some for the class.

There are a lot of sources to get your hand on all the cool videos but customizing and making videos with all the information that you want provides satisfaction beyond all. There are a lot of tools available to make slides and presentation but takes a lot of time of the user. In this review I am talking of a tool “Slidebot Education” that creates your presentations for you in under 10 seconds.

SlideBot Education is an automated presentation tool that creates your presentations for you in under 10 seconds. Each presentation is unique and is based entirely on the content that is provided by the teacher or student - it is not template-driven. SlideBot Education saves teachers hours every week in preparing slides for class, and provides a great alternative for students who are looking to give more engaging class presentations.

Pain Points/Needs:

Communication Utilities; Digital Storytelling Creators; Presentation Creators


The tool is compatible with devices with iOS, Android and on Web.  


The user can begin with the tool simply by mention some basic information like name, email and password. Once you’ve registered you’re good to go. The tool works as an automated graphic design solution for slides. SlideBot is a tool that’s designed to automate the creation of presentation slides. User need to write the headlines and text, but the system uses the written content, analyzes it, and creates slides that reflect the words used. 


SlideBot is available on a freemium model. Teachers and students can try SlideBot out for free and create an unlimited number of presentations. To access the exporting or presenting capabilities, the teacher or student will need the Education Subscription which is $15/year.

They also offer institutional-based pricing to give access to all students and/or teachers at an education institution.


SlideBot can be used as both a productivity tool and an engagement tool. Firstly, SlideBot presentations are created in seconds, not hours, so teachers no longer have to spend their weekends creating presentations for the following weeks class. Secondly, SlideBot was initially developed for use by keynote speakers (and was subsequently used at international conferences such as World Business Forum, SXSW, Global Women's Leadership Summit as well as various other TEDx events). As such, teachers now have access to a tool that can create the same standard of presentation as is presented on the international stage - and they can do this every week, very quickly.

SlideBot is very user friendly, so students of all year levels can utilize SlideBot to create their class presentations. This will give a more engaging experience for both students and teachers in the audience.

Our Review:

In our opinion, the tool works wonder in regard to time saving. However, the slides that are generated are very plain. So those who are expecting work that matches to that of a pro won’t like the performance of the tool. But for educators and students the tool is good as it creates simple and to the point quick slides. Educators must give this cool tool a try to explore more of its features.    


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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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