Smartick: World-Class Math Education From Home

Smartick: Smart Way for Children to Learn Mathematics

Math is one subject that often requires a little more than other subjects or maybe ends up taking a little more time for the joy it brings to kids.

The subject demand practice to excel and to help kids with this needed practice I am sharing the review of this cool tool called “Smartick”.

Smartick is an after-school online math program for kids aged between 4-14, which is based on the latest artificial intelligence that allows the program to create a unique and personalized learning path for each child which continuously adapts his or her learning style. The kid advances without frustration. Based on a daily 15-minute session, the program is providing extraordinary results.

With a team of 42+ members and growing, this program is supported by the European Union, and now just bringing it to the US with help from MIT G-Lab. The company is currently running focus groups with parents in the Boston area, as well as talking to many of the subscribers on the phone and receiving lots of positive feedback!

Pain Points/Needs:

Adaptive Learning; Educational Search; Exercises & Worksheets; Game-Based Learning; Open Educational Resources; Teacher Collaboration; Tutoring


The tool is compatible with devices with iOS, Android and Desktop.


The platform is easy to use. The users simply have to mention the basic details like email Id and create a password and you’re good to go. The platform provides a daily lesson which the child needs to complete. The time spent working at home is 15 minutes per day. During early years it will be closer to 10 minutes and will gradually increase as your child improves his or her ability to concentrate. For parents, the platform offers features to track the performance of the kids. Parents receive an email with a summary of the session right after their child has completed it. They also have access to a detailed dashboard where they can monitor the performance of the students. They can review the study plan, see metrics (i.e. attendance, effectiveness, or speed of resolution), and schedule personalized rewards.


The price chart for the tool is mentioned below.

No. of kids




1 kid

$49.99 / month

$44.99 / per month for a quarter

$34.99 /per month for an year

2 kids

$44.99 / month

$39.99 / per month for a quarter

$29.99 /per month for an year

3+ kids

$39.99 / month

$34.99 / per month for a quarter

$24.99 /per month for an year



Students work on mental calculation and algebra while also developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills, improving in both math and reading comprehension. Your child progresses at their own pace, building self-confidence, avoiding frustration, and developing a positive attitude to math. Smartick does not follow the official curriculum or State standards. It prepares your child to advance faster than in school. Short, daily sessions at maximum concentration. No commuting or schedules. Parents have a separate app to receive feedback on their child's progress every time they do a session. Access Smartick from your PC or tablet.

Our Review:

In our opinion, this is a great way to help kids excel at math with minimum input and smart outputs. Dedicating 15 minutes regularly consistently can go a lo9ng way to help kids with this much feared subject. This is more like a routine that will not only help the kids to get better at math for their academics but will also help them acquire the knowledgebase of the subject. Smartick keeps students motivated throughout daily sessions and continuously adapts to their level, using positive reinforcement to encourage and support every child. This feature helps build self-confidence, discipline, concentration and study habits, as well as math and reading comprehension skills. Also, parents can keep a track of the kids’ performance and keep them informed. 


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