Learn Mandarin Chinese Characters with Amazing Game 'WenHu'

Learn Mandarin Chinese Characters with Amazing Game 'WenHu'

Language learning is one skill that everyone wants to upgrade.

With so many languages to learn, we can see a lot of attraction towards Mandarin Chinese. There are a lot of web tools that can help learners with the same. One such app is WenHu.

It is a new iOS app that helps to learn Chinese characters and Mandarin words in more engaging & entertaining way. WenHu uses the world’s first word-reveal method, with Mandarin words broken down into their much simpler components and radicals. These components and radicals appear one after another until you select the correct multiple-choice English translation.

Users can challenge themselves against the clock to improve the Chinese character recognition, fluency rating and global ranking. The players can engage with 3 different game modes such as Word Challenge Mode, Time Trial mode & Practice mode.  As long as users play WenHu, they can improve their in-game fluency; start collecting achievements and thereby improving Chinese character and Mandarin word recognition.  

Pain Points/Needs: Language Learning

Platform: The app is compatible with iOS Devices.

Pricing: Works on a freemium model. In-App Purchase of additional word packs are available on the Apple App Store.​

Features of the App:

WenHu word packs are arranged by:

- Phonetic Components - that provide a clue to the pronunciation of the character.

- Radicals - that can confer a meaning to the word.

- Packs based on Topics.

- Sets of Common Usage words.

WenHu players can engage with 3 different game modes. 

- Word Challenge Mode: Where you strive to maximize the number of words that can be played in a row, with a wrong answer ending the game.

- Time Trial Mode: This  challenges you to work against the clock to pick as many correct translations as you can, with bonus time for correct answers and a time penalty for wrong answers. These modes are both used to calculate your fluency score and global ranking.

- Practice Mode can be used to improve game play at your own pace. 

As you play WenHu, improving your in-game fluency and collecting achievements, you improve your Chinese character and Mandarin word recognition. Your fluency rating and achievements are displayed in the statistics for every word pack as well as your overall success.

Our Review:

In our opinion, the gamification used to teach user the language is a real win! The app is a great way to learn different words and with each passing day on this app the user can excel in the language. The app presents new and interesting way to learn Mandarin. There are multiple different ways of gameplay i.e the three different modes that the game offers. Each mode off is a different type of challenge for learning the language. After each different mode you can always view your performance via the detailed statistics the app gives you. These statistics rates your fluency in relation to the word packs. It also tells you how you are in relation to other players. The graphics of the App are really nice and catchy but more importantly easy to read and understand.  


Don’t forget to mention your experience with the app in the comment section below. 

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