InstaEDU - Online Tutoring

InstaEDU- Online Tutoring
Description:- InstaEDU (now Chegg Tutors)   is an online tutoring platform that allows students to seek instant tutoring on any subject anytime from top university tutors.

Pain Point/Need:- 

        1. Online tutoring Platform

        2. Online Coaching with teachers

        3. Online Collaboration Platform

Platform:- Web

Usability:- For getting started with InstaEDU, users need to sign up for either a parent or a student account. Parents who sign up for an account get an email every time their child uses the service and can see or monitor summaries of their child’s lessons and activities. Parents can also schedule sessions for their child. When users sign up as Students, they get direct access to tutors. With ‘chat’ on the right panel, students can easily check for the subject-wise availability of tutors. The tutor’s online status, school/university, major subjects and reviews are provided in their chat profile. With Instant tutoring, students choose a subject, for which InstaEDU shows a list of tutors who are available online, from where students can select tutors on the basis of their short description covering pictures, schools and qualifications. Also with scheduled tutoring, students can schedule a tutoring session with their favorite tutor. InstaEDU also offers SAT/ACT preparation tutoring programs, which are long-term and customized courses. InstaEDU provides document sharing along with a virtual white board for students to upload papers for a tutor’s review and discussions. Also, users can access Advanced Search on any subject page by clicking the “Advanced Search” button. Students have the option to rate a tutor after every session.

Prices:- 2 hours free and $24/hour

Our Review:- InstaEDU  is an online service that provides instant tutoring on any subject and anytime from top university tutors. InstaEDU allows students to choose particular tutors in advance and schedule future sessions with them. With easy to use platform, InstaEDU connects students with  tutors who are skilled in the selected subjects, in real-time. Also InstaEDU allows students to develop stronger and longer-lasting relationships with their favorite tutors by using video chat, text chat and document editing. With features like Smart messages and Real-time messaging students can chat with their tutors before scheduling a lesson to get a clear understanding of their knowledge on any topic. One of the best features of InstaEDU is that it allows Tutor reviews which are displayed publicly so students can browse tutor profiles and easily decide which tutor is good for them. Along with this, students can also rate their tutors after every session. All of these features make InstaEDU a good online educational tutoring platform for students who want to seek some kind of expert help in their studies at any point of time.

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15th Feb 2017 Note: Chegg acquired InstaEdu a little over a year ago. With the acquisition, they rebranded InstaEDU to Chegg Tutors

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