College Admission Made Smoother With Admito

College Admission Made Smoother With Admito

College admission is one of the biggest concerns of the students wishing to pursue higher education.

With so many options and innumerable parameters to be considered it gets confusing for the students to pick out the best fit for their needs.  The admission process involves too much information and too much stress. With this concern in mind here’s a review on one of the web tools that will help all the college aspirants with their college search.

Admito helps students select their perfect colleges. It is a social platform connecting students with universities and preparation platforms. The platform connects students, universities and coaching Institutions in a simple and efficient way.

For students, the tool personalizes preparation and admission information according to their profile and ambitions. In return these profiles help Universities and Coaching Institutions identify and attract right students using digital marketing tools.

Pain Points/Needs: Educational Search; School & University Info; Search; Social Networking

Platform: The tool is compatible with Web and Desktop.  

Sign up with your e—mail Id. Create your profile. Fill in your details in respect to what you’re looking for and you’re good to go!


Because the platform helps students as well as universities in scoring admissions, the platform earns via 2 models mentioned below.  

1) Primary, from Universities and Preparation Platform:

Offerings by the platform- Helps institutions in identifying right students and attract them by subscribing to Admito's package. The package allows them to send personalized and effective emailer, notifications, web push and run advertising campaigns at one-fifth of the conventional cost.

Pricing: INR 3,00,000 to INR 10,00,000 per year

Number of B-Schools in India: Over 4,000

Number of Universities and Colleges (All programs) in India: 36,000+

2) Secondary, from students:

Offerings by the platform: Helps students with the in-depth insights, premium features and on-call guidance provided to the students.

Pricing: INR 499 per on-call guidance and INR 1,999 for entire package

Number of MBA aspirants per year: around 6,00,000

Number of Aspirants ( all programs) per year: 1,00,00,000


The product is useful for the students as well as the higher education institutes. The pointers below will help you understand how: 

- The platform offers in-depth insights about each college like Salaries/Designation a student can expect after 5 years of MBA or sentiments about a college in the industry. This information would help the students make an informed decision

- Parents are being able to analyze the colleges on the various parameters important to them. Crime rate in the city, employability chances, Hostel and Food facilities etc.

- College Administration would be able to understand the parameters where they rank higher and lower than their competitors. They would also be able to create a funnel system of their prospective students.

- This is one of the unique features about this tool. Their platform supports the easy integration of preparation requirement onto their system. With Admito they would be able to answer the queries of the students and attract them towards their paid versions.

5) Miscellaneous portals: Portals like resume making, personality development, NGO's, internship portals would be able to reach out to the students in an easier manner.

Our Review: We thing that it is a great way to make the college search easy and efficient for all the college aspirants. With all the information in one place it is easier to compare and make the best pick. Also, the platform provides information on various parameters so you can make a wise decision keeping everything in your mind.


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