Wiggio - Online Groups and Collaboration Tools

Wiggio - Online Groups and Collaboration Tools
Description:- Wiggio is a free, online platform that allows teachers and students to work in groups by scheduling meetings, virtual video & audio conferences, chat-rooms, etc.

Pain Point/Need:-

         1.   Online Collaboration Platform

         2.   Online Meeting Scheduling and Event Planning

         3.   Group


Platform:- Web, iPhone

Usability:- For getting started users need to signup either by filling up the signup form or by using Facebook connect. After login, users can easily access the tabbed dashboard with tabs like 'Feed' view to check the current activities of group members, 'Calendar' view for scheduling their work and 'Folder' view to check files and links added to a group. With Wiggio users can easily create group and invite members by specifying their e-mail addresses manually, invite Facebook friends or import contacts from mail or spreadsheet document. Wiggio allows users to create text documents and spreadsheets online with file uploading and managing files into sub-folders. Users can also set up conference calls, virtual meetings, chat-rooms and create polls, surveys, etc. With Wiggio polls, users can easily setup polls consisting of three types of questions like Yes/No questions, Multiple Choice questions and Open Response questions. Users seeking collaboration can schedule group meetings according to date and time etc. Also, users can easily notify other group members by sending them quick text messages or mails.

Prices:- Free

Our Review:- Wiggio is a good collaboration tool for educators and students where they can easily collaborate in groups, with features like external user invitations, virtual videos, audio conferences, emails, text messages and chat-rooms. Wiggio’s interface is simple and intuitive and hence provides useful features for group members to work with functions like project planning, organizing events with calendar, to-do list, online polls and sharing documents. Being a free platform, it allows educators to easily create class wise groups by utilizing functionalities like uploading files, adding web links, scheduling in-person events, conference calls, virtual meetings, and online chats. By using Wiggio features, teachers can easily create collaborative and discussion based classrooms with proper communication, notifications and monitoring. Platforms like Wiggio have proved to be an asset for teachers and students who want to manage group work with improved sharing and easy collaboration.

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