uLektz: The Complete Suite Of Apps Meeting Higher Education Needs

uLektz: The Complete Suite Of Apps Meeting Higher Education Needs

Higher Education is one of the most important thing for students.

With so many needs in the space students need a dedicated platform to cater to all their education needs. This platform uLektz is giving students a complete suite of apps that will help them get a hold on their educational needs and do better in their academics.

uLektz platform is built using latest cloud technologies supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and offline access. It is designed exclusively for higher education to provide a complete range of applications and digital resources for education, employability and employment. Thus helping higher education students improve academic performance, equip with industry required employability skills and connect with industry for professional development and better job opportunities.

Pain Points/Needs:

Adaptive Learning; Classroom Management; Communication Utilities; Computer Programming; Digital Textbooks; Document Library; Educational Search; Group Communication; Individualized Education Program; Language Learning; Learning Management System; Lesson Plan Creators; Lesson Plans; Marketplace; Open Educational Resources; Question & Answer; Student Assessments; Student Information Systems; Teacher Collaboration; Test Prep; Tutoring; Video Content


The tool is compatible with iOS, Android, Web and Desktop.


A quick sign up is all that is required to get to the dashboard. The image below is a glimpse of the dashboard where students can access all the apps.

From the panel on left side of the screen user can easily access books, test preparations, skill courses and look out for the job offers. The dashboard is a place to access all the study material like books and assignments assigned by the faculty and institution. The updates from the faculty or the institution appear on the dashboard under the messages section. Also, students can add all their achievements, scores and accolades on their profile to score better future prospects. This profile serves the purpose of a resume for students as the organizations looking for candidates can look into profile and check all your abilities.     


The app is for Free but the e-Books are to be purchased by the students. They are also involved in institutional sales where each student will be provided with Rs 2500 worth of eBooks at just Rs 200 per Student.


The platform is first of its kind providing complete solutions like an Operating System for Higher Education. uLektz provides a suite of cloud-based applications for education, employability and employment to help students get a hold of their educational need all at one place.

Our Review:

With awesome availability of tools that covers the educational needs of students, institutes and industry looking for candidates, the tool is a must check. Various apps under the suite serve purpose for all the users. The platform is a good place to take care of the higher education verticals. In our opinion, higher education institutes must check the services this tool provide and decide for themselves.     


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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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