BetterLesson - Course Planner and Resource Center

BetterLesson - Course Planner and Resource Center
Description:- BetterLesson is a place for educators to search, create and share lessons, courses and other educational resources online, with proper management and scheduling.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Online Course Creation
  2. Course Scheduling and Management

Platform:- Web

Usability:- Getting started is easy as users need to fill a simple sign up form with a valid school code. With the search bar as a great searching tool, users can easily search for resources on any educational topics and connect with the educators who are teaching those topics to learn more. Course creation is easy as educators can create and assign courses to specific grades by using the easy upload document feature. With every course educators can easily manage grades by tagging them and my managing permission. They can also manage their visibility and access levels for other users. Also for collaboration, BetterLesson allows users to share their course link through which other users can easily follow their course. One of the best features is the ‘question’ tab where users can put up doubts and questions, which can be answered by more experienced people on the platform. Also users can schedule their courses with other users for better work on time.

Prices: -

  • Individual – Free
  • School - Premium costs – $60/user/year or $5/month

Our Review:- BetterLesson is an online platform for educators to create courses for their students. Better lesson offers 35,000 lesson plans for users to work on, with their favorite topic for FREE. With features like ‘search’, users can easily access lessons and connect with the educators teaching them. The resources are searchable and are sorted according to their grade level and subject. One of the good features is that users can easily create and access the courses assigned to specific grades through editing and sharing permissions. With ‘question’ they can ask doubts and search for already answered questions for better understanding on a topic. Users can also schedule their courses according to any category or date. Through features like tagging and search, BetterLesson allows users to easily learn and develop skills in their subject, and therefore it has proved to be a good solution for the people who are seeking tools for easy course management with added features to support collaboration and guidance.

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