Dissect the Huge Benefits of Check123: A Video Encyclopedia

Dissect the Huge Benefits of Video Viewing at Check123

From Arts to cinema, earth, nature, science the list is unending; you can enjoy viewing more than 20,000 short (1:00-3:59 min) curated videos from across the world in the web’s very first Social Video Encyclopedia.

Today education is more digitally driven to make learning a fruitful experience than a mere experience. With this regard, Check123 will help educators explore the quality benefits of video viewing. It intends to make the learning a visually stimulating experience.

This site simplifies the effort of educators in recommending school- appropriate educational videos to students. With a pool of videos already existing in the web world not all videos are in the same format or meant for people of all ages. Hence, for the educators, it becomes tough to filter out relevant videos and discard the irrelevant or recommend a link source that takes utmost care of age and quality of videos. All these factors have been efficiently tackled in curating videos at Check123 .

Private schools and households across USA and Canada have already adopted them in their course learning process. Videos ranging to different subject matter are uploaded daily on the site for reference purpose.  A quick look at some of the unique characteristics of Videos uploaded at this platform

1.    The first benefit of videos at Check123 are highly curated and of excellent quality. They are validated and also ranked by domain experts. It enhances the security level of video browsing and quality content of the videos here.

2.    These videos are tagged and categorized by topics to help users find video searches quick and straight-forward. Say a student may be interested in watching videos on Science, so they may only explore the science section to explore their field of interest.

3.    For detail understanding of any topic, we also provide users with a Zoom In and Zoom Out experience that helps one grasp an insight into the topic using watching related videos. Say Users wish to learn a little more about Albert Einstein’s childhood or his inventions once they are over with looking at a general overview video on him.

4.    At Check123 the world will not just experience a pool of free contents but can access high-quality videos which are not judged by popularity but by good content and quality, helping in consuming knowledge in its purest form.

For more information watch out the video below:

Lastly, the social media network of Check123 is already witnessing massive followers who appreciate good content. So check out the site to not just to appreciate good video content & quality but consequently share it with tender minds that lead a society for good.

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Author: Ananya DebroyWebsite: http://edtechreview.in
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