[Tool for Teachers] PowToon in the Classroom

[Tool for Teachers] PowToon in the Classroom

There is no doubt about the fact that kids are inclined towards the animated characters and using tech is one of their favorite part in the classroom.

Combining both the fun elements there is one great tool that teachers can incorporate in their classroom  for presentation purposes in order to bring the best out of kids and enable them to put their key skills to use. It is evident how much students will need the creative and critical thinking in the coming times to stand out in every niche and so the tool helps in the same as well.

The tool, “PowToon” is web-based animation software that allows user to quickly and easily create animated presentations by manipulating pre-created objects, imported images, provided music and user created voice-overs. PowToon is used by businesses to create engaging, creative presentations that capture attention, and can be similarly used for educational assessment and content delivery.

With a super easy interface the tool can work wonder for educators. All you need is to get familiar with the tool just once before you bring it to kids’ desk. The tool is easy to use so it can be integrated for cool presentations and the best part is the use of animated characters which keeps kids interested and engaged throughout learning.

PowToon can be used by educators to create animated presentations of content for students to view. Educators can also use it as a form of assessment by asking students to create their own animations. Using Audio/Video rather than standard presentation tools moves users away from over-reliance on text to convey ideas and users are able to create more engaging experiences for their audience. The provided objects and music are high quality and varied enough to allow for flexibility and creativity. The added ability to import images and create voice overs allows users to add their own touch to the animation. The tool allows unlimited customization by adding text, images, simple animations, enter and exit effects, and more. Images are organized by styles so that users can make their pick easily.

Some of the distinctive features of the tool are:

Engagement: Using animations in place of traditional presentations increase engagement with content.

Creativity: Teachers and students alike are able to creatively express their message to the intended audience with no previous experience in animation.

Flexibility: Even with the library of pre-created objects, the ability to import images and music, add text and create voiceovers means that PowToon can be used for a variety of purposes and audiences.

To get started all a user needs is to sign up with their Google account and they are good to go. The tool works on a freemium model. The free version works for the beginners. However, it is the best free software in the niche with maximum features being offered at no cost. If you don’t want to start from scratch, there are a few free templates that you can tweak and revise as you see fit. Using this tool is pretty straightforward and you’ll get lots of help along the way.

What educators using the tool have to say about it shows what value it adds to the classroom.

I know we just met, PowToon, but I think I am in love.

Finally, a presentation tool that incorporates an intuitive user interface, super cool comic graphics, is 200% less frustrating than Prezi, and offers a zillion more options than the free version of GoAnimate. I know we just met, PowToon, but I think I am in love.” - Amy Gibson HS Teacher

That was awesome!

Most of my classes responded with clapping and a “That was awesome!”. To say the least, they were really impressed!” - Elizabeth Frank, Teacher

Watch out this video below to know more ways to integrate this cool tool in the classroom.

We suggest you to give this tool a try and find out for yourself.

Make sure you share your experience with us in the comment section below. 

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