Kidzmet - Discover The Way Your Students Will Enjoy Learning

Kidzmet - Discover The Way Your Students Will Enjoy Learning

Different educational tools are continuously being developed for the educators to work as a powerful ally in bridging learning gaps.

If these new tools are nurtured correctly, they can multiply the efficiency of the teachers and open up an entirely new learning experience for the students. So, today we will discuss on one such cool tool that helps K-6 classroom teachers lift the power of learning preferences with their students.

Overview of Kidzmet

Kidzmet is a tool that offers customized learning profiles based on simple assessment which kids have to undergo online. Teachers use this tool to find information on what their students’ interest are depending on the areas that the playbook covers regarding the learning process.

This tool does not address any learning difficulties and disabilities. Rather, it acts as a lifetime GPS (Guided by Passion & strengths) to ensure that the teachers are having the tool to develop as well as embrace their next generation’s unique strengths and spirits.

With this tool in hand, the educators can easily understand the unique learning needs and strengths of an individual along with the collective needs of their class mix. Thus, the teacher can easily create a connection with their students and assist them to catch up learning faster than usual. And as this tool is a basic assessment level tool catering to the K-6 standard therefore, with the help of this learning guide, the educators can help the students to recognize their potential right from a young age. Keeping the students motivated and guiding them from a tender age can help a student become intelligent in their own unique way and help them confidently move to the higher levels of learning.

Let’s hear from the founder of Kidzmet as to how this tool would be beneficial for the teachers in the classroom. Take a look at the video below-

Unique Characteristics of the Tool

There are many other inventories, but Kidzmet’s student profiles and research backed suggestions are precise as they’ve calibrated their profiles with many of elementary-aged students in conceptual contrast to generally accepted personality type and VAK profile population percentage.

Also, this tools proprietary 90 question assessment and algorithm takes into consideration Jungian personality type (the basis of Myers-Briggs), multiple intelligences and very important cognitive style preferences. The mechanism of the tool is so built that it provides a solid and well-rounded view of each student’s personality.

So when a teacher sits back to plan her/his lesson, they can easily refer to such vital information about the students to maximally engage the students into learning.

What all teachers can do in Kidzmet?

  1. Teachers can use Kidzmet’s breakout group App to segment compatible student teams- based on multiple intelligence preferences, personality type compatibilities and preferred learning styles.
  2. In order to develop IEPs, teachers can use the snapshots of individual student or simply share with the parents of students to help them become more engaged with their kid’s learning team.
  3. To check what lesson planning strategies, tactics or approaches will be most engaging for the students, teachers can refer to the class roll-ups as it shows the learning preferences of the whole year’s class mix.

So with all this valuable information on the tool, are you ready to unlock your students’ learning potential with Kidzmet? Please use the tool and let us know your experience using the tool through your comments. And in case you are already using this tool, share your feedback about the tool to help other teachers know more on the tool.

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