19Pencils - Discover and Share Educational Resources

19Pencils - Discover and Share Educational Resources

Description:- 19Pencils  is a platform which allows users to discover and share educational websites, quizzes, web links and other resources in visual form.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Online Educational Resource Sharing Platform
  2. Online Assignments, Quizzes, 

Platform:- Web

Usability:- Getting started with 19Pencils is very simple and it’s free as users can either sign up using their Facebook account or they can fill-up a sign up form. After completing sign in users can access their dashboard which includes menu options like add content, add assignments, Class page etc. Users can easily use resources like websites, quizzes and videos etc., which are displayed in a visually along with explanations. Users can easily discover their saved content by using My Favorites and My Class Page. Teachers can use their Dashboard to share educational resources with their students who are active on 19Pencils. Also 19Pencils provides easy sorting and filtering of search results by school, grade or district. 19Pencils also enables teachers to create unique & custom quizzes for their class, or leverage quizzes that already exist by adding content to them or by modifying their content. Teachers can also track the performance of their students on the quizzes. The best part of 19pencils is that, all the links are shared visually as icons instead of URLs on it.

Prices:- Free

Our Review:- 19Pencils  is a resource sharing platform for teachers that allows them to share websites, quizzes and videos with their students or peers in a secured way. With an intuitive UI, invitation to external members, search bar and easy to use features, 19Pencils allows users to easily find and share educational content that has already been used by other teachers and reuse it in their class. Additionally, 19Pencils  also allows teachers to upload assignments for students to follow and provide links to the sites which students can access to find help to complete their assignments. By having features like Playground & Quizzes, 19Pencils allows teachers to easily communicate and test their students’ learning on a particular topic. Also, teachers can let students view their desired content without encountering inappropriate sites and without the concern of them getting off the track. Therefore, 19Pencils is a good tool for teachers and students to stay organized by using features like assignments, quizzes, playground and visual links for better long term understanding and learning.

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