Wurrly Edu- A One Stop Scintillating Music ToolBox for Teachers!

All human beings love music be it jazz or classic.

Although not all are born musicians, yet when nurtured properly at least one or two out of the ten becomes a great musician in life. So, the grasp of the matter is like any other area, in music too one needs guidance to excel. And this guidance can come from a music teacher who too loves music from their heart and want their students to love even music even more as they learn the different theories of this art.

In order to help a music teachers perform their responsibility of teaching diligently, we would like to talk about a supportive digital assistant called Wurrly Edu, launched recently. This is a very helpful musical toolbox and using it, the teachers will find some real-time benefits in their pedagogical process. Take a look at its review below.


Wurrly Edu is an innovative Toolbox designed for the music teachers to easily build a customized music curriculum. It can also be used as a means to keep the students engaged completely into music by enlisting some compelling content through this accompanying application, provide options for a high quality recording facility and a comprehensive song library to be used for reference purposes.

Not just it, there is much more to it and in order to understand the all-purpose utility of this toolbox, teachers got to check out its pain points for better understanding on the tool.

Pain Points

Classroom Management, Group Communication, Learning Management System, lesson Plans, Music Practice, Student Assessments, Video Content, Video Creators, Visual Aids, Voice Recognition


The best part about this Toolbox is that it is compatible with iOS, Web & Desktop.

Features of the Product at a Glance

In order to use the different feature of Wurrly Edu, music teachers need to Sign-Up to create their account.

The tool has a very clean dashboard with all the features staged neatly on the left hand side and to its right, is the Add Classroom tab and the Sign Out tab.

By clicking on the first option that is the Classrooms tab, the teachers can organize their classroom and build curriculum. Given below is the image of this tab and what options scroll out once the tab is clicked on.

The Second tab on teacher’s web portal is the Assignments option. Here a teacher can not only send but also grade assignments submitted by students. Check the demo assignment in the image provided below.

The third tab that is the music catalog is a great option of the toolbox featuring diverse genre and music catalog that can be used in the curriculum need based.

The fourth tab is the Tips section wherein the teachers are inspired with some of the classic video tips. There are a number of video suggestions available in the tool and therefore for the ease of the teachers, the sorting option is provided in this section.

Last but not the least important tab is the Resources tab which features some valuable teaching resources such as songbooks, guitar song book, keyboard song book, some featured lessons and many others to name all.

USP of the Product

One of the best part of using Wurrly Edu is that, it is designed taking into consideration the ease of the teachers using it. This is why, teachers will find this toolbox highly compatible, flexible and a complete musical toolbox hard to miss out of hand for interactive music classes.

No matter, what kind of a teaching style and subjects from modern band to general music to songwriting, this tool fits perfect for any situation. Again, it can be found suitable for classrooms K-12 and applicable for students with special needs as well as where English is the second language of students.

Now, schools where music classroom is conducted with limited instruments, usage of this toolbox can be really beneficial as it offers necessary support to make the music class fun and engaging for the students.

Now, having discussed everything about the product, let’s figure out the pricing model and pricing of the product.

  1. The pricing for on-boarding and teacher licenses has been fixed at $499 and it is unlimited per school.

When calculated, it comes roughly to $6 per student for a calendar year.

  1. Special Pricing has also been offered for those schools or districts who have over 400 students. In order to avail this option, the school leaders need to contact sales@Wurrlyedu.com

Our Review

We are right now seeing a digital resource boom for the teachers to run their pedagogical process smoothly in almost all the subjects and why should music be left behind? Perhaps with the development of Wurrly Edu, it is even more evident that music teachers are not short of a comprehensive musical tool.

I personally found this tool superbly built and nicely packaged with various features. On a scale of 5 stars, I would like to give this tool a score of 4 stars. While reviewing this tool I found that it is not simply a support mechanism for music teachers but a reference guide as well. The two very vital feature of this toolbox, i.e. Tips and Resource are real assistants for any music teacher; offering valuable suggestions on wide musical genre.

So, I conclude with a suggestion for all the music teachers there that until you use it for yourself, you cannot understand the actual benefits of this digital musical product. Hence, order a demo session of this tool quickly to experience its benefits. Before we leave you, we had like to end the piece with a video that showcases teachers review on this tool. Watch it to learn more about this tool.

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