CollegeDoors: Brings Online Test Prep on the Right Track with Analytics

CollegeDoors: Brings Online Test Prep on the Right Track with Analytics

Are you searching a platform that offers an end-to-end test preparation facility as well as gives teachers the option to minutely track students’ performance at the time of preparation?

Well, you must then read this review on CollegeDoors- web platform to achieve winning strategies for competitive exams in India.

Tool Overview

Recommending a study guide both print and web to students appearing for competitive exams such as GMAT, GRE, CAT, IIT JEE, BITSAT, AIIMS, NEET (AIPMT) is no hassle for the teachers. But when it comes to recommending a tool that helps students achieve satisfactory results through personalized guidance, there were hardly any quality options for the teachers until now. Now both the facilities such as test preparation and students’ behavior analytics are available in a single tool which makes it handy for both the students and their mentors. This fascinating feature of CollegeDoors is what makes it a unique tool.

With CollegeDoors test prep feature, the teachers can track aspirants’ behavior aspects while they practice tests and use the findings of the analysis in preparing a strategic study plan for the students. This is exactly why the success probability of students’ increases as teachers guide them on making their weakness their strength in the exam. Check a snippet of the dashboard in the image below.

It is a one-on-one students’ coaching tool for test preparation which on one end serves the purpose of students to undergo rigorous test practice sessions and on the other end fulfills the needs of the teachers to analyze the behavioral aspects of the students to guide them with a workable study plan. Like never before, teachers with this tool can now observe the students’ performance from close quarters as the analysis is done question by question, students move by move to provide a detailed report in a comprehensible format.

Pain-Points of the Product

What makes any product distinct and a tool to completely rely on are its facilities to fulfill needs. So what all needs does product like CollegeDoors qualify?

  1.       Adaptive Learning
  2.       Test Preparation
  3.       Individualized Education Program
  4.       Online courses
  5.       Reporting Systems
  6.       Scheduling


Web and Desktop

Pricing Model/Monetization

The best part of this product is that they have offered freemium option for the students to undertake a number of free trial tests even when they have not registered on the platform. It is only when the student is convinced with the tool and longs to access the full duration of the tests that the user need to pay a nominal subscription fee that starts from INR 340-2500.

When the question comes on teachers and parents using this tool, well for them the tool is absolutely free of cost. They can use this product’s varied functionalities to analyze the student or students’ performance analysis report to guide them accordingly.

Usability of the Tool

When it comes to exam preparation, one factor that plays a decisive role is following the right kind of exam strategy plan. As spoken already, CollegeDoors helps the mentors to maximize students’ performance by laying out an effective study plan that’s not general but based on individual’s behavioral aspects. Therefore, if students follow these study plans it is most likely that they would not lack in conceptual clarity of relevant subjects and work on individual drawbacks to gather enough confidence in their preparation.

This platform offers a flexibility to the students to register and sit for tests only when they are confident about their preparation. After completing the test session, the moment they submit the test, they will find a detailed report on their performance. This report will provide a complete insight on his/her areas of strength/ weaknesses. Knowing about their own weakness is important for the students as they are then able to seek for relevant guidance from their mentors on those areas. The report looks the way it has been shown in the image below.

IIT JEE mentor Mr. Prageet Gupta, Aligarh finds this tool extremely helpful because of its scientific analytics mechanism. He says that suggesting course material, past questionnaire for any competitive exams like IIT JEE is no big deal. But now with CollegeDoors they can enhance mentoring approach by guiding students in their areas of weaknesses.

Quite similar are the views of Pragyan Bajpayee, a student of MNNIT Allahbad (ECE 2017) who had scored 260 marks in IIT Jee Main with AIR 5724. He gives much credit to CollegeDoors as he could self-analyze his performances while preparing for the exams.

Our Review on the Platform

On a scale of 5 points, I would like to give it a 4.5 reason being, I feel the tool has taken students preparation and mentoring process to a new scale. In India, we did not lack in terms of resources because there were ample materials available for Pre-Eng or Pre-Med exam preparation in the market. However, there still remained a gap in the exam preparation ecosystem and I believe CollegeDoors has competently managed to fill this gap.

Behavioral aspects of students was never paid a heed upon by mentors perhaps because we did not have an advanced analytics tool to track it. From this aspect, innovation of this tool with up-to-date analytics mechanism is praiseworthy and a great fix for redundant testing methods. Students can comfortably prepare on subjects/ topics making optimum use of their strengths and confidence after receiving a personalized guidance from their mentors.

Now coming on the resource and materials provided by this tool to help students prepare for tests, well here too CollegeDoors has awesomely managed to provide students with a comprehensive solution. These solutions are topic wise, compiled systematically and most importantly interpreted in a simple way for students’ easy comprehension. Hence, we recommend it to all the aspiring students and their mentors to not simply read this review but quickly check it out because what matters at the end of the day is not simply appearing in any exam but coming out with flying colors.

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