Mobicip is one of the products that lifts up content filtering feature to the next level.

With this solution in one’s disposal, schools to home to business organizations all of them can remain tension-free of risks. It is fast becoming one of the most popular content filtering solution for mobile internet-connected devices.

With online protection for the young becoming one of the leading causes of worry in schools and household, the use of this solution can make the internet experience of young users more secure. Whether schools are deploying a 1:1 learning program or follow Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiative, Mobicip fits as a perfect solution in any situation.

Pain Points/Needs

Adaptive Learning, Classroom management, Individualized education program, internet filters, web browsers.


The best part of Mobicip is that it is compatible with all the major operating systems and iOS and Android devices. Whether it is the laptop/PCs or Chromebooks or for that case mobile devices, it goes well for all to help user monitor and manage devices from single view.

Easy Login Process

Getting started with Mobicip is easy, the user simply needs to create an account by filling in the Log In details in the fields provided.


 After signing up successfully, the user is directed to the confirmation page and informs about the welcome message in the registered mail id.

Press on the Login option mentioned in the Welcome mail and the user is good to start working on the product.


The basic version comes at free of cost and that with premium version which protects upto 5 devices comes at $39.99 and enterprise version which protects up to 20 devices is priced after evaluating the request quote.


Mobicap is a challenge free solution for school administrators who found 1: 1 learning involves some taxing issues. The problems were mainly related to secure accessibility of internet and meeting up the compliances requirements of CIPA/BECTA. With the use of Mobicip it is not just the educators who will become a successful partner in the digital journey, but with them, the parents and children will also be an integral part of the process.

All of the benefits as mentioned above are possible because by using Mobicip, one is ensured to receive the highest level of filtering and security standards. It has an inbuilt dynamic content filtering and broadly ranged analytics mechanism to protect the device no matter where it is operated in 24x7.

If the users go for the Enterprise version, they are placed in a better position to avail wholesome security for the device because this version includes in it a wide range of premium features. These advanced features may be mentioned as- admin portal, online management, app monitoring, time limits, accountability mode, custom filter settings, BYOD support, browsing history reports along with downloadable reports and delegated account management (where teachers can have dedicated subaccount portals for monitoring their student's activities)

Our Review:

With an alarming rate of security concerns popping up in the digital age, it is always better to opt for a precaution well in advance for ‘prevention is always better than cure.’ From the level that this product has been designed, it is undoubtedly a one-stop security solution for young users to be used by schools, families, and organizations. Internet access for the purpose of mobile learning becomes way too safe and comfortable to tap with Mobicip.

The product was introduced to help users to create as well as foster the better usage of technology for learning. Its content filtering option is browser independent and does not intervene when browsing secure (HTTPS) sites. Usability of this product increases because of its ability to do some real-time analysis of the pages and which is lacking in many of the other content filtering products available in the market.

Mobicip’s app filter option restricts the use of other Android browsers and allows any child to only use the Mobicip browser-containing built-in content filtering. Trying out any attempts to download new app is blocked until parent approves it. Also, through Mobicip’s settings on the devices, parents can prevent any efforts to delete apps or block access to the Playstore if desired.


The best part of the product is that it contains a detailed section to filter profiles of each young user based on filter levels namely mature, moderate & strict.


Further, profile filter option is holistic in nature as it includes in it options such as internet categories, websites, time limits, phrases and networks.

This product is a sure try for all schools, families and organizations for security of internet access matters to build a child future. Do share your comments about the experience you have had after using the product.


For better understanding on how the product works, if follow the video below.

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