learn.ly - Online Voice Commenting Tool

learn.ly - Online Voice Commenting Tool
Description:- learn.ly is a tool that allows a user to make voice/audio feedback on any document along with text highlighting feature and has the capability of integration with Google Drive to allow Voice Comments on the Google Drive Documents as well.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Online Formative Feedback
  2. Easy, Quick and High Quality Vocal Comments on Documents

Platform:- Web

Usability:- It’s a platform that allows a user, typically a teacher to create assignments and have them submitted by students online. Additionally, the system allows the teacher to highlight content within the submitted assignment while reading through the submission and give “Voice Comments” to the students. This makes the process of checking and giving feedback easier and quicker. Also this allows teachers to give personalized comments to each student.

With a very simple UI, teachers can get all the submissions at one place and can open multiple submissions from a student to voice comment and highlight the content by using a simple recording feature. Also if they wish to record comments multiple times on the same assignment, they can simply use the record button any number of times they want and the recordings will be appended one after the other. Also there is an option to delete the recorded comment if teachers wish to trash their comments.

As said, “multiple submissions by a student”, the system allows a student to make multiple submissions on one single assignment to ensure that nothing is missed out.

Walk Through:-

It’s a very neatly built platform that has the capability of integrating with Google Drive and allowing teachers to share comments on the students’ assignments in their own voice along with highlighting of text. The users can simply sign up by connecting their learn.ly account to their Google Account. The platform also allows users to sign up as a teacher by filling up a simple form, in case they don’t want to connect their Google Drive account to learn.ly. Once users fill up the registration form that asks for the details like “What your students call you, and what you teach”, they are required to create a class. The system then requests the users to create their 1st assignment. While doing so, the system also allows users to assign the assignment to a particular class and set a due date.

The system then generates an assignment URL, which can be used by the students to sign up on the platform and submit their respective assignments. Alternatively, the system allows teachers to simply create a class and use the “class joining link” to share and invite their students to join their class on learn.ly.

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