Buncee - Create Sharable Multi-Media Content

Buncee - Create Sharable Multi-Media Content

Description:- Buncee is an online platform to create sharable multi-media content in the form of Slides and Cards on a canvas called Buncee, where users can add content like text, videos, images, links, audio files (Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud

 & Google), custom shapes and prebuilt messages and media art.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Online Multi-Media Content Creation
  2. Slides and Card Creation

Platform:- Web

Usability:- Buncee in an online platform that brings the power of Power Point and somewhat of Photoshop to you in a very neatly built platform and all that for free. Buncee can be used for creating simple single slide cards or for creating a complete multimedia slide show with content like Videos, Text, Links, Images, Audio Files, Custom Shapes and much more. Additionally, the platform allows users to share the created Buncees on the most popular Social Networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Also, the users can embed these Buncees into any web platform of their choice.

Using this platform, users; especially teachers can create flashcards, lesson plans, lesson content and more for their students. Also, this helps them to flip their classroom  (Also see: What is Flipped Classroom) as they can create the desired content and distribute it to the students which they can view before coming to class and hence have a better understanding of the topic and eventually participate in other activities in the classroom.

Walk-Through:- As you log in to the site www.buncee.com, you see their landing page that demonstrates how Buncee can be useful to you. The users can take a tour of the site and see sample Buncees created by other users under different categories. Users can create their account either by signing up using their social account or by simply filling up a registration form. Once done, the users are redirected to the home page. From here users can click on the ‘Create your Own’ button and start creating their own Buncees.

On the raw canvas, users can simply add multimedia content like the text, videos, images, links and more from the right panel which provides easy access to all these elements and makes it easy for the users to work. On the added elements, users can easily perform resizing, relocation and rotation to suit the desired design. The platform also allows users to add custom backgrounds, images and text to make things more customizable. Using the “Add Slide” button, users can add multiple slides to make a complete slide show using Buncee.


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