Buncee - Create Sharable Multi-Media Content

Buncee - Create Sharable Multi-Media Content

Once all is done, by pressing “Next Step” users are taken to a panel where they are required to select a pre-defined category to which their Buncee belongs. Also, this panel allows users to adjust settings like access (public/private) and commenting (allow/deny). Finally, the users are asked to share their Buncee by either adding the e-mail addresses manually or by importing addresses from Google or Yahoo. Also, users can customize the e-mail message that they are sending to invite people to view their Buncees. Additionally, the users can create an event and seek responses from other users via RSVP.

Finally, the platform allows users to like Buncees and even save them as PDF’s or Slides (.jpg).



  • Online Platform: Free
  • Premium - $9.99/month or $59.99/year.

Our Review:- Bunceeis a very handy platform that allows users to create easy cards and slides in no time and anywhere. The platform offers a nice navigation and other easy operations to help users create interactive and catchy content. Teachers can use this platform to create short lesson flashcards or full slide shows and even video cards to flip their classroom, and share them with their class to have all the students come prepared to the classroom. The ability to add custom text, custom shapes, videos and embed web links makes it a very powerful tool for teachers to use. Also, the mobile apps allow users to create their Buncees on the go, though it’s only available on iPad and iPhone. Added features like login via. social networking sites, sharing Buncees with anyone through e-mails or social platforms, embedding them to websites and commenting makes it an even more usable platform. Using the comments, teachers can even seek responses and feedback from their students.

Overall, Buncee is a decent platform that helps you create multimedia cards and slides to make learning fun and engaging.


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