Make Math Learning Easier & Personalized with Thinkster Math App!

Make Math Learning Easier & Personalized with Thinkster Math App!

In a classroom, you will find some kids are quick to understand math problem and use their critical thinking to find out solutions while the rest struggle and find it a taxing situation to solve the same problem.

So, what analogy should you make out of such a situation? Should you conclude that those who solve math problem quickly are sharp while the rest aren’t? Is that so?

Well that’s not the case and we all know that!

Math is an exciting subject and has semblance to riddles. So instead of looking out for math tutors and institutes which offer math coaching to a room full of students, apply a modern method of math learning. Yes, we are talking of a cool Math Tutoring App, called Thinkster Math, which offers personalized math learning facility provided by some of the best qualified math teachers. So your kid can jolly well sit in his comfort zone and learn the tricks of solving math problem at anytime from anywhere.

Get to know more on the App by watching the video below

Check out the other hard hitting features of the App that makes it a one-on-one solution to help your kids succeed in math learning.

Thinkster Math Features

1.      Gives Teachers/Parents Deeper Insight on Child’s Performance

The tool has features that allow the teachers to know on the students’ strengths and weaknesses by concept level and with the application Visual Proficiency Matrix available within each topic. So basically the teacher or parent can specifically find out how a child has done for each question.

2.      Roadmap Feature

Thinkster Math Tutor App notifies teachers and parents on how well the child did in the diagnostic test. It gives a direction to the Tutor as to how he/she can plan out the assignments for a particular student. On the part of the parents, they too get notified on how the teacher should proceed with the roadmap created for the student and how their kid is performing in the test.

3.      Stay Connected with Dedicated Tutor

The App actually helps the parents to always stay connected with their tutor through a call, text or for that matter through an email. And when parent have with them the parent insights app, it can help to stay in touch all time because push notifications, written and verbal notes are always provided regularly. Whenever the parent is in need to connect with the tutor, it has the feature to help them stay in touch with the tutor anytime.

There are many more compelling things about this app and they do need a mention before you finally lock your decision on this math learning app.

  • Prime among them is the facility to provide kids get a one on one tutoring facility with flexibility from some of the best qualified math teachers from across the globe. The students would be able to build a relationship and a comfort level with one specific tutor who know the strengths and weaknesses of the student by analyzing their performance. So right from one’s comfort zone, the students can get in touch with a tutor whenever they need help from them and also build relationship and a comfort level with their specific tutor.
  • Thinkster Math App can also reinforces digital skill among students and assists in engaging them in the learning process as today’s kids are more comfortable with devices and electronics and may therefore relate to concepts in an app- based platform much easily. Further the gamification and reward concept of the math tutor App fascinates the students thereby arousing interest in them to practice and learn math better and build comfort with technology.
  • Students like technology and even if the teacher gives them a lot of worksheet based on their weaknesses to help them master the concepts, they will not resist spending time on solving those problems in the worksheet as it is presented in an intuitive form. Unlike in classroom learning where a child has to follow a certain pace to complete a problem, here in this app , they can move ahead only when they are completely ready and thus mount less pressure on them to solve an issue. What is important to note is that, the kid gets a personalized mentoring facility and all his performance levels are tracked and analyzed to coach them in areas where they in need of special attention. Further their strengths are acknowledged and are highlighted to keep the student motivated at the entire learning process.
  • The grading process and feedback is prompt, helping the students to progress at the right pace and without any delay. And in case of any confusion, the dedicated tutor and their video tutorials is there at one’s reach to help the students walk through the solution.

So with so many facilities offered by the App, can you wait long to give it a try? Don’t forget, Thinkster math tutor App can help your students succeed in math. For the initial experience, go for the 7 days free trial and check it yourself how the App works out for your student/ kid. And before we leave you, please do not forget to write to us about your experience and what grade you would like to give this App.

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