STEM Connect - The Cool Assistive Tool for STEM Learning

STEM Connect - The Cool Assistive Tool for STEM Learning

Bringing STEM to life is no hassle when one has a cool assistive tool in hand.

Yes with STEM Connect it looks possible to create an engaging STEM lesson that will help in strengthening students’ critical thinking skills and inspire solution seeking skills for life.

The best part of this product is that, it is developed by Discovery Education’s team which comprise of STEM experts with the input of educators and curriculum experts nationwide. Resources are strategically built on a 4Cs framework so that it can help students to develop the creative, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills needed for good outcome lifelong.

It is high-end interdisciplinary K-8 resource which helps in enhancing core curriculum and bring STEM to life in the classrooms. STEM Connect offers many benefits to both the teachers and students, out of which, some of the prominent ones are mentioned below. Take a look!

Benefits that a STEM Teacher Can Avail Through STEM Connect

Real Life Lessons

STEM Connect offers all types of highly engaging and interactive learning model that assists to uplift student comprehension level. They learn how to apply real world information that makes students curious to know more and ask questions and not simply memorize answers.

For a STEM teacher posing problems and combining problem solving with project based learning across disciplines holds much importance. But equally important for a teacher is to work together with students on activities to develop students’ critical thinking, communication, assessment and inquiry skills. Here is where, through the use of tools like STEM Connect, teachers can enable students to develop and learn how to apply solutions on real challenges that’s facing the world.

The teachers can therefore use video conferencing to show students the real world work of scientists and other engineers right from their laboratory. Watch the video to know more on it.

Time & Cost Saving Tool

Time is precious and more so today. It is a fully affordable packaged tool comprising of model lessons, interdisciplinary connections, just-in-time teacher notes to offering various kinds of interactive tools and accompanying hands-on activities all in one kit to help a teacher save her time and focus more on student development and wellbeing.

24/7 Dependable Tool

This tool with its streamlined design allows users to access this tool at any point of time, anywhere and most importantly from any device. It is a dependable tool to be integrated into the instruction process seamlessly. In other words, it can be used in a classroom full of laptops, tablets, a single interactive whiteboard or individual smartphones.

Benefits that a Students Can Avail Through STEM Connect

Learning from Practical Sessions

STEM lessons are learned better through hands on activities or what is often known as hands-on-learning. This helps students get involved in using an engineering design process and work in collaborative teams. It also includes the use of and or creation of technology. It also helps students to address on the real world problems better and from a close angle.

STEM Connect- the tool helps students in a way that it blends dynamic digital content with engaging opportunities for students to build, design and create.

Enables Collaboration across the Globe

Among the new skills in demand for the future generations to learn and apply it in their practical life is collaboration. STEM Connect’s Global Lab option allows the users to be a part of the global community by connecting with global students. Students can share their data, refer to others data and collaborate with other students around the world through the use of this product.

Facilitates Career Connection

Working with this tool gives students an exposure. This exposure being the opportunities to embrace knowledge on the diverse STEM careers in context as well as connect their skills to solve real world STEM issues around the world.

Thus, institutions must definitely give it a try to bring in this device to revitalize their entire STEM learning segment. It is a one-stop resource which not only empowers the teachers but helps the students to strengthen their literacy skills with informational text, infused fictional stories and characters, introducing real life problems to students and engage them to work upon such challenges with a logical frame of mind.

So are you ready to integrate this tool in your pedagogy or still a little apprehensive whether you could be flexible in using the tool? Let us help you clear out your apprehension by providing you with a little more information on the tool. Please refer to the tutorial video, whose link is mentioned here.

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