McGraw-Hill Education’s Redbird: The Right Program for Language Arts & Writing

McGraw-Hill Education’s Redbird: The Right Program for Language Arts & Writing

McGraw Hill Education is once again making a mark in education with their new solution for Language Arts and Writing.

Redbird Language Arts & Writing is an adaptive solution to personalize instruction, accelerate learning, and empower every student to soar. The tool has been developed by Stanford University and built upon over 25 years of research; it combines a proven blend of instruction, interactive practice, and innovative writing analysis technology that allows students to work towards mastery of language arts concepts, and to build strong foundational writing skills.

The following features of the tool is what makes it your pick for the subject needs:

• Complements core ELA instruction by providing adaptive, digital instruction and practice in grammar, usage, and writing.

• Empowers educators with support from data-driven insights into student understanding.

• Provides students with a richly personalized path through the curriculum, delivering precisely what each individual student needs to accelerate their learning.

• Integrates groundbreaking writing analysis technology, allowing students to receive error-specific feedback on sentence and paragraph compositions.

Pain Points/Needs:

The tool caters to the needs of Adaptive Learning; Common Core Standards; Digital Storytelling Creators; Digital Textbooks; Exercises & Worksheets; Game-Based Learning; Individualized Education Program; Language Learning; Online Courses; Test Prep; Tutoring

Platform Compatibility:

Compatible with iOS, Android, Web and Desktop.


It’s an adaptive solution to personalize instruction, accelerate learning, and empower every student to soar. The tool is meant for standards grades 2–7 and seems beneficial as it provides learning content in an engaging manner. Each grade level of the course is divided into 9-10 units, each of which centers around a form of writing or reading. Students progressively work on content that interweaves instruction and practice in grammar, reading, and writing, including a variety of concepts and exercise types to encourage engagement.

Lessons include grammar item sets that focus at the Word, Sentence and Paragraph levels.

Each unit is framed with readings that expose students to a broad range of topics and structures, corresponding to grade level. Reading passages are followed by a framework of Prediction, Vocabulary Building, Analysis, and Reflection.

As students learn new reading and grammatical concepts, they apply those concepts to writing of sentences and paragraphs of increasing complexity. This way students are guided thoroughly step by step helping them to work on their language and writing skills and along the way they learn all the various concepts of the subject.


The pricing begins at $10/student per year.


The tool helps in making learning Personalized, Accelerate it thereby Empowering the learner.

Instruction is personalized In the Following Manner:

• Initial Course Placement Activity starts each student at the level of content they are ready to learn.

• Instruction incorporates multiple modalities of learning and varied ways to interact with the content, enriching and deepening learning for students.

• Practice question and composition sets expand or contract based on demonstrated proficiency.

• Learning pathways adjust automatically to offer instant remediation or advancement; ensuring students are challenged with the right level of material and working in their zone of proximal development.

Learning Is Accelerated:

• Immediate, error-specific feedback on sentence and paragraph compositions keeps students actively engaged, writing more, and continuously improving.

• With more than 17,000 language arts practice questions and composition opportunities, it delivers precisely what each individual student needs to achieve proficiency—no more, no less.

• Writing Projects with a real-world focus help students synthesize what they’ve learned into rich writing experiences.

• Skill-building games strengthen understanding and encourage learning.

Our Review:

What we see is a tool, a complete package to fulfill your needs of language art and writing. The tool caters to the students’ need of understanding of the subject as their age and grade requires. This is why they have different material for every grade. We suggest you must check their sample activities available so that you can get a better understanding of how the complete thing works and make a further move on your experience. In our opinion, this is a tool that can be the right way to help your students work on the needs of language art and writing.   

User’s Experience:

"As teachers, we find the program beneficial because students receive immediate feedback on the problems they work, helping them understand their own strengths and weaknesses. We also appreciate the fact that our grading, record keeping, and reporting are done within the program." -- Teacher, CA

"We have been very pleased with the level of skill development that we see in our students. Each student can work at their own pace and at a level that challenges them. As a result, students enjoy the program and enjoy seeing their personal success." -- Head of School, CA

Wait no more and go check out their samples. Personalize, Accelerate and Empower Every Writer!

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