- Computer Programming Resource Network - Computer Programming Resource Network

Description:- is an online platform or we can say, it is a non-profit foundation that is dedicated to the growth of computer programming education and provides a platform where users can find all types of resources that can help them learn computer programming.

Pain Point/Need:-

Online/Offline Computer Programming Resources

Platform:- Web

Usability:- is a non-profit foundation that has been setup to boost the learning of computer programming. It provides an online platform where users can find all the listings of a large number of websites, platforms and resources which deliver computer programming tutorials and training. The listing includes free and paid resources that range from MIT-Scratch (Programming Language) to (Computer Training Course Material). Additionally, the platform features a “Find a Local School” function that allows the user to search for schools and colleges that offer computer programming training. Also, if the teachers wish to motivate their students to develop interest in programming, they can use video clips that differ in play length which they can employ according to the need at hand, to deliver motivational messages on “why everyone should learn coding and how easy it is to code” The video clips feature many well known personalities like Mr Bill Clinton (Former POTUS), Mr. Bill Gates (Founder - Microsoft), Mr Mark Zuckerberg (Founder - Facebook), (Singer) among others.

People can seek help for coding implementation in their school as well as contribute to the organisation.  

Walk-Through:- is a huge foundation with reputed quality people on board, who are perfect for the job – ‘Promoting Computer Programming’. Through the likes of Mr Bill Clinton, and many more, the message is very clearly delivered and it is convincing enough to boost anyone for learning computer programming.

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