- Computer Programming Resource Network - Computer Programming Resource Network

The listing of all the resources from where a user can learn is neat and straight forward, along with a demo of a couple of platforms on how they can be used to help you learn programming. This helps demonstrate how easy computer programming can be for people who are new to this. The landing page features recommendations from the most renowned people from across the globe; for anyone looking at it, it leaves an impression.

Through the “Teach” & “Help Us” menus, the user can seek help from the organisation to setup curriculum on computer programming in their schools or can help the organisation by giving their expertise and time to the community.



Our Review:- is a foundation that profoundly impresses us as they have done a great job to create videos, powerful enough to convince and motivate people to step forward and take up computer programming. Additionally, they have linked up with a lot of prominent people, communities and companies to create and provide a list for the users to select from, and learn almost anything that they wish to in the computer programming domain. The foundation also extends a helping hand to people who wish to integrate computer programming curriculum into their regular school/college programs but who may be facing some kind of difficulty.

The only limitation that we currently found with the foundation is that they are geographically limited to the US for operations, as they offer help and volunteering options to US locals only. We hope to see it grow globally.

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