Zondle - Game Based Learning Platform for Kids

Zondle - Game Based Learning Platform for Kids

Description:- Zondle is a GBL (Game Based Learning) platform focused on delivering game based learning environments for small kids and helps teachers to track student progress and also help creating personalized learning environment.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Game Based Learning for Kids
  2. Personalized Learning Environment

Platform:- Web

Usability:- Zondle is a web platform built for teachers to teach small kids by using Game Based Learning environment and using the concept of personalized learning as the platform supports individual student progress tracking and therefore the teacher can focus on how to interact with the students and what are the weak areas. The platform is built with its focus on GBL so all the teaching, assignment and other activities are carried out through games and the content is delivered in form of questions and quizzes.

Walk-Through:- To start off, a user must sign in as a teacher. Once done, they are welcomed with a system note that guides the users with what all is possible with zondle. Once the user has decided as what they wish to do, from the listed task options, they can hit the ‘Get Started’ button and enter into the main work area of Zondle.

The main work area is divided into 2 columns with a top navigation panel. The left column features options like favourite topics, games, friends’ topics, students’ topics and my folder. Using these menus, a teacher can create homework, assignment, test, etc. with question based templates targeted to different topics that are either predefined or custom built. Once done, the teacher can assign the same to different classes (any number of classes under any number of schools – A teacher has an option to create multiple schools and multiple classes under them. To these classes they can invite students.). The students on their end only get access to those topics that are created by their teacher and assigned to them. By clicking on each topic, they get to see their performance in terms of score and tasks. By answering to the questions through the game based environment, students learn more quickly, have higher retention and understanding. This also results in better scores.

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