Zondle - Game Based Learning Platform for Kids

Zondle - Game Based Learning Platform for Kids

In the right column, the teachers get the feeds of their students, which are generally the scores they secured in different assignments and tasks. From the same panel, the teachers can also check individual student’s profile, the GradeBook (where they can view the scores of all the students and can even export them in the most popular formats like PDF.) & set Zollars for a class. Zollars are points that students earn by scoring points and can redeem them. This panel also allows teachers to award badges (either custom or system default badges) to the students along with keeping track of progress of individual student. An option to reset the password to a student is also available.

There is a ‘zondle Extras Marketplace’ available from where teachers can access additional free/paid resources on many subjects and topics and directly add them to their favourites or can just assign them to students.

The ‘Manage Students’ menu allows the teachers to add students to a class in number of ways. Either they can add student manually or can distribute the class code to students and allow them to enrol themselves. Also if teachers wish to add students from a list, they can send the formatted list of student to zondle staff and they will create the students’ accounts. Using the ‘Advanced Management’ option, the teachers can manage all their Schools, Classes, Teachers and Students all at the same place.

Finally, using the ‘+’ button at the top right corner, the teachers can use a special feature called the ‘zondle Class View’ to access the view that students get when they login. Here they can even try games and actually play them as a student. Also the teacher can customize the avatar for a student using this feature.


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Our Review:- Zondle is a very nice GBL platform specially for kids. The prebuilt games, questions and question formats help teachers to manage their work easily. Also, the games are very engaging and the question types are also impressive. The level of customizability is very handy and helps the teachers to create personalized environment for their students. Also the avatars are very creative.

We really liked Zondle as a Game Based Learning Tool for kids which provides personalized learning features as well.

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