Curb The Copying Woos With This Awesome Tool - Unicheck

Curb The Copying Woos With This Awesome Tool - Unicheck

Access to information is just a click away and so is making assignments and projects for students.

Authenticity of content is at stake with so much information easily accessible and no one shies away in doing Ctrl+C à Ctrl+V. However, this is just not the way to do it. The information is there to help you and not to substitute the efforts that must come from an individual’s end. But at the same time we do have web tools that can identify the scale of plagiarism as well as cite resources from where the content is used. With so many options to pick from, one addition is this new tool, “Unicheck”, A power packed tool ideal for the K12 and HigherEd needs. Unicheck is an academically-oriented, integrative plagiarism checker that helps universities and colleges maintain high academic integrity standards. Cutting-edge plagiarism detection engine helps to ensure the quality of written assignments in more than 650 educational institutions worldwide.

Meet @UnicheckEdu. This integration works #withClassroom to generate plagiarism reports for student submissions—for selected or all courses.

— Google For Education (@GoogleForEdu) March 8, 2018

The core algorithm of the checker works real-time, scanning 4.75+ billion web pages, open-access repositories and private databases for textual similarities. Integrating with almost all popular LMSs like Canvas, Google Classroom, Moodle, Blackboard etc. Unicheck ensures smooth and seamless workflow for teachers. Inside LMS Unicheck generates reports automatically, enabling extended functionality for grading, commenting and assignment pre-checks for students.

Pain Points/ Needs: Plagiarism Checker

Compatible Platform: The tool is compatible with web.

Significant Features: The following features of the tool are what makes it stand out:

- The tool is having a really Easy layout. Each matching sentence or passage is looked at a glance while checking for the plagiarism. The tool lets you do that with ease. Unicheck highlights them in yellow. So, you will have an idea of what needs citing at a glance.

- The tool gives you a list of all the links the content has been copied from. It Sources with Highlighted Matches. They lead to matching sources. And yes, text similarities there are also highlighted. No time spent in vain.

- The tool is superfast as they call themselves Eye Blinking. Each page is scanned within seconds. Still, if the document has lots of them, Unicheck will need a bit more time to thoroughly process them and share its findings.

- The best part is that you won’t need to convert your files to use this tool. Unicheck supports various formats of text file formats including .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt, .txt, .rtf, and .html. For now, .png and .jpg are missing. Being File-Format Friendly is the best feature of this tool. Aren’t you impressed already?

- Unicheck can shelter as many documents as you need. It has unlimited storage capacity. You won’t have to regularly remove them and then upload again. Just keep all documents in safe inside your account.

- Another bomb feature is that you can download these reports in PDF. You simply have to click the download button and get it in .pdf. Offline reports look exactly the same as their online twins. They show highlighted matches and list sources with text similarities (if any).

Pricing: Unicheck has flexible pricing models for individuals and the corporate users (big educational institutions). As well, Unicheck offers free corporate “essential” package that is available for certain countries, including US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Pricing For Individuals: Pay per page, - the user selects a certain number of pages according to own needs and budget, the bigger the number of pages selected, the bigger are the savings per page check.

Pricing For Corporate Users: The corporate pricing models are differentiated according to the number of services that belong to the pricing plan: “essentials”, “support plus”, “enterprise”.

Usability: If used for education need the tool is useful in the following ways:

For Educators:

Integrating Unicheck into Learning Management System the educator can use the tool for assignment revisions and basis for grading (classwork or distant learning). It helps in shortening the process of assignment revision (after assignments are submitted to the course they all get scanned by the checker automatically (if configured in the settings)).

Use the checker for the flipped classroom lessons if the teacher/admin enables student pre-checks. This way students can generate similarity reports, discuss, analyze them, learn how to avoid plagiarism, work with incorrect citations or references. (Citations, references, and similarities are highlighted in different colors).

Extend the possibilities for the assignment grading in LMS (individual similarity reports allow leaving comments in them, share them with students/other teachers, leave the feedbacks, etc.)

For Students: Using Unicheck plagiarism checker the student can make pre-checks of their assignments before the final submissions to prevent academic failures. Get a feedback from teachers in the plagiarism reports. Find the mistakes caused by incorrect information acknowledgement and work with them.

Supported Videos/Tutorials: Get a feel of the tool from the video below that showcases the submission process for a student with Unicheck app in canvas.

Their YouTube channel is a directory of videos that will help you explore each function/addition/tutorial on every possible thing with this tool. So make sure you check it and learn a thing or more to be a pro at this tool.

Our Review: With other options is hand Unicheck definitely deserves a quick try from those who are into plagiarism checking. The tool comes with friendly UI and promises accuracy to a great extent. Also, it offers free trail so we recommend you give this tool a try if you feel that the information mentioned above would help you with your needs.

Make sure you share your experiences with us in the comment section below whether you are a user of this tool or you just tried it for a change!

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