The One Stop Solution To Video Enabled Teaching: Panopto

With advent of technology in education, video aided solutions became an instant favorite of every user as well as students.

Students tend to enjoy the video resources a lot as this one form of multimedia includes sound, text as well as graphics/images.

And so with it came many solutions with added and advanced features like collaboration, live lectures and what not! This post is to help you explore one such cool tool we came across recently called, Panopto.

Panopto comes with a video content management system for uploading, managing and sharing all of your institution’s video and audio files. It’s a centralized, secure place for recorded lectures, flipped classroom videos, campus events, and more. It comes with built-in video analytics, a web-based video editor, automatic encoding to ensure your videos play efficiently on any device, and a unique search engine that helps your students review material mentioned or shown in their course videos. They are also one of the most flexible, easy-to-use lecture capture solution in the market. Whether you’re just getting started with lecture recording, looking to improve upon an existing solution, or scaling your lecture capture campus-wide, you can find help at Panopto.

Pain Points/ Needs:

Adaptive Learning, Exercise, Quiz and Poll Creators, Online Courses, Screen Captures, Screen Sharing, Search, Video Content, Video Creators, Voice Recognition, Web Browsers, Whiteboards.  

Compatible Platform:

The Platform is compatible with Android, iOS, Web and Desktop.

Significant Features: The following features are the major reason for the product to stand out:

- Works Well With Your Existing Softwares: Panopto integrates with Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, Sakai, and D2L, so that you and your students can access your videos without ever having to leave your LMS. It also includes an extensive set of APIs for integrating with your room control system, web conferencing software, and all the other hardware and software that make up your edutech infrastructure.

- Lecture Capture: Their lecture capture system is built with the flexibility to record any combination of video sources, in any configuration, in classrooms of any size. And Panopto scales with ease to meet any institution’s needs — from small departmental deployments to campus-wide installations.

Capturing a lecture with Panopto is as easy as opening a laptop and clicking “record”. The tool automatically recognizes any connected cameras and microphones, and remembers professors’ recording settings to make setup simple.

For administrators, it even lets you go a step further. Their unique automated recording software enables you to schedule recordings ahead of time for fully-automated lecture capture, and provides your team with total control over your entire recording infrastructure from any web browser.

To help you, they also wrote the complete guide to implement lecture capture which you can download for free.

- Flipped Classroom: With Panopto, teachers can share lessons and insights anytime and anywhere, from any PC, Mac, or mobile device. There’s no limit to the number of machines you can install Panopto on. For faculty, that means it’s simple to add it to their home and office laptops, and to record flipped classroom micro-lectures and other course content. Lecturers can even take Panopto to go, with our native iOS and Android apps, and record lessons on location in the field, the lab, or anywhere else.

- Active Learning: Easily create and include multiple choice, checkbox, and true/false questions to test learner comprehension, reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and make your course videos more engaging. Create and add questions to your videos in less than a minute, decide whether viewers can retake quizzes, review grades, and learn more about correct answers, and access real-time reports of quiz responses to help identify which viewers may have struggled and which topics were most challenging.

Pricing: It is based on the FTE.


It is pretty much like a Campus Youtube. Lecturers can easily record their teaching not just on screen/PPT, but also something not as academic, e.g cooking class, manufacturing class, as long as there is a camera to capture video, we can do it.

Also our search is not purely search by text, but also supported by voice recognize, text being shown on screen.

Supported Videos/Tutorials:

Our Review:

In our opinion this can be a really great tool for institutions that are actively using multimedia in their classrooms. This platform becomes your very own personal library of video resources curated on a personal level that makes sure that you have all the resources in the right place and makes accessibility super easy. And other than this you get all the features to personalize the videos, make interesting quizzes and convert them as innovatively as you wish to help students learn in the most unique way ever. The feature to capture lectures, run live lectures from anywhere is another aspect of the tool that makes oxford pick it.

What we see is that the only limit to utilize this tool is the limit of your creativity.

Praises and Portfolio:

Fortune 1000 companies and leading academic institutions, including GE, Qualcomm, New York Life, Duke, Stanford, and Oxford, use Panopto to capture training videos and lectures, live stream events, and publish their videos to a secure YouTube-like portal. For three years running, Panopto's video platform has been recognized by Gartner as a "Leader" in video content management.

Integrating Panopto with Canvas almost makes the technology transparent. Now students can just click a link or download a video podcast to watch later, and no matter where they are or what device they’re on, the video just works.” - Michael McCudy, Instructional Technology Specialist

Are you familiar with this tool? If yes, make sure you mention your experience in the comment section below. If not, book your free trial right away to get a feel of this tool.

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