Celebrate Student Learning with 'Lernio' - A Facebook Like Communication App for Schools

The digital age finds an ultimate resort in technology. Accept it or not, technology has an unrivaled power to offer a solution to every problem.

Health and tracking apps have changed the way you eat, sleep, exercise, read or communicate with each other. Isn’t it past time for schools to think beyond PTMs, emails and phone call to communicate with parents?

Lernio leverages this unrivaled power of modern day technology to deepen school relationship with parents beyond the occasional PTMs. This amazingly handy tool is being used by over 800 parents and about 76% of them use it daily. The technology in place to run this app allows for rapid and reliable scaling and for consistent parent-teacher communication - anywhere and at any time.

Lernio is an interactive mobile-based app which is intuitively fun and easy-to-use free tool that allows schools to share and celebrate student learning with parents in a slick Facebook-style timeline view for easy consumption.

Lernio allows the parents to share the student activities on personal third party social and messaging platforms. This allows for visual, word-of-mouth and organic branding of the school leading to better school reputation and positive feedback throughout the parent community.

Parents get to celebrate their children’s success and your school gets the recognition worth its salt.

Check out all the details of the Lernio App in this 5 minutes read.

Overview of Lernio

Lernio is a free app for schools to start parent-teacher communication on a secured network. The only requirement after the installation of the App is a one-time (first time) authorization through OTP on the mobile phone number, quite similar to the process which modern-day apps follow.

Needless to say, teachers save a great deal of time with Lernio in communicating with parents on their child’s activities at school. Teachers can simply pull out their phones and click pictures and videos, and post them in real-time using the Lernio app. The app will send notifications to only those parents whose kids are tagged in the post. This ensures easy and quick sharing between parents and teachers while maintaining safety and privacy.

This user-friendly app’s Facebook like timeline view makes it easier to post and consume relevant updates. The familiarity of the interface makes sharing posts and commenting all the easier for both, the teacher and the parent. Take a look at the image below, showing the Apps’s interface taken from the demo account.


Note: Images are featured prominently with options for the parents to like, share and comment on the post like on Facebook.

Lernio has a unique design, allowing the parent to see only content that is relevant to them or their child. The app’s activity timeline is neatly arranged to enable teachers to quickly update student grades, class activities, assignments, upcoming events or class notes. A parent can easily browse through the teacher-published activities.

The following images from the demo account will give you a better idea of the App’s interface offering personalized options for the teachers and parents on their accounts.


The web dashboard available to the school admin is equipped with all the necessary options and reports for schools to monitor, approve, and manage all communication being done with the parents with ease.

Lernio enables you to -

➢       Connect- send a quick note to inform something, send important notifications, send an alert on school fee installments (Launching July 2018), send assignments with image/worksheet attachments, send photographs or video from the classroom to share the wow moments of learning with parents. Also share all school news articles with photographs in the same timeline view.

➢       Coordinate - let parents know of every scheduled activity in the school calendar or inform them on the upcoming cultural events, PTMs, or other school events.

➢       Communicate over a Secured Platform- All photographs and videos shared across the platform are protected by enterprise grade security standards, ensuring zero chance of data theft and breach on the application end. The app data is saved on the cloud on Amazon Servers with multiple backups eliminating any chance of data loss.

What is the Real-Time Benefit of Using this App?

Lernio is no ordinary App. It fosters meaningful parent engagement with their child’s school. Focusing on celebration of learning via photos, videos and other content, Lernio is highly effective in winning trust of the parents and creating a word of mouth buzz through the parents.

Parents cans keep track of assignments and upcoming events. Lernio takes care of alerting the parents and teachers about all due events, be it assignments, PTMs, cultural events, circulars or notices. Alerts help parents know about important events, receive emergency notifications and information regularly.

Check Out What Teachers and Parents Have to Say About Lernio.

Lernio has proven out to be one of the most effective solutions to breach the age-old school-parent communication gap. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself -


Neetika Singhal, a teacher of Grade III, has been very happy using the app to connect with the parents. To quote her words, “Lernio has given the best way to connect with parents. As it is very easy to upload students work and activities done by them. The teachers as well as the parents can easily access the Lernio app any time and can see the CW, HW, and tasks. The reminders and important notices given in the app are very helpful for everyone including the absentees. Therefore, I find Lernio App to be very convenient and gives a personal touch to the parents and the school.”

Quite similar are the views of the parents, who see this app as a means to stay connected with the school 24x7. Ritisha Rastogi, parent of grade III student said, “I am impressed with Lernio because it gives regular updates about the homework and classwork going on. It informs parents about different things with the help of alert facility. It also gives the photograph of our children when he/she performs any activity in the classroom.”

For more teacher and parents reviews on the App, please visit Lernio’s Website.

Lernio is built for iOS and Android platforms. The admin dashboard of the app is also available in web format for easy setups, configurations, management and reporting.

If you want the good folks from the Lernio team to give you a quick ring or a demo to help you understand the app better, fill out this request form.

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