Minecraft Code Builder - An Ace Tool to Help Kids Dive into Coding

Minecraft Code Builder - An Ace Tool to Help Kids Dive into Coding

Coding and computer programming is becoming ever more important these days.

In fact, the situation at present is such that, computer programming jobs may be at the declining stage but the demand to learn coding and programming is not declining but rather accelerating. Do you know why? Because, this skill is considered to be the most in-demand skill throughout the industries.

At the present world, we are a witness to seeing computer and its software everywhere because we thrive in a tech dominated world. And, note it down, this technology phenomena is likely to increase manifold in the future. Taking such into consideration, don’t you think, it is essential for the students to learn how the computer performs complex tasks? Through coding, students will learn how to create virtual worlds within the computer until they are short of imagination. For more benefits on learning how to code, click here.

In some students the imaginative power is nimble while in some it is inept. But with practice and right learning, anyone can remove the coding blocks in the students and trigger imagination to use coding to create a new solution within the computer. With ace tools like Minecraft Code builder, educators can begin to guide students how to learn code and stretch their programming skills. So what are the benefits of using this very particular learn-to-code tool by Microsoft? This is an obvious question that must be running across your mind, as we talk of this tool.

Well, the greatest advantage of using this tool is that, Minecraft is already a very popular game that students of different age groups enjoy playing. Now, this learn-to-code is just an addition to the already familiar education game and they may well start off how to code while playing the game. Take a look at the description of the tool, to know more about it and get the tool up and running in your school.

Benefits of using Minecraft Code Builder

Users of this tool, will not only excel in developing computational thinking but simultaneously, apply their knowledge of computer programming and imagination across the curriculum. Minecraft- Code Builder’s got everything in it, say intuitiveness, interactivity, knowledge and most of all, the product is developed by the tech giant- Microsoft. Thus, with all those hard to miss out elements packaged in one product, can you say a ‘No’ to the product easily?

Students enjoy using this product because, one- it is an already familiar game to them and the other is that, they can interact with the game through a robot the learn-to-code platforms. In actuality, the students program all those actions that the robot performs. The executive producer o

Minecraft- Code Builder is available in beta for Minecraft: Education Edition. Students get the leverage to learn JavaScript from its very own education platform- MakeCode which is an open-source platform. While when they have to pick-up code-building tech, they can do that from its partnered learn-to-code platforms i.e. Tynker, ScratchX.

Let’s hear it more, from the STEM teachers and what the CEOs of the partnered learn-to-code platforms of this tool- Minecraft Code builder have to say about this product.

Subscription & Other Details

The best part about this tool is that, to help schools and colleges try it out, a one year free trial of the Minecraft: Education Edition.

While the license for Minecraft Education Edition also comes at a nominal cost of just $5 per person per year.

To conclude, the program is open to students and teachers at K-12 schools, colleges, universities and in many public libraries too. Best, it is also available on all Windows 10 Education PCs and Mac OS. So what are you waiting for? Go, get started with the tool and introduce it your students to get off the fear to learn long and at times twisted computer programming language in a way too easy format with Minecraft-Code Builder. And, before we leave you, please do not forget to write to us on your experience using the tool and how your students has improved in learning how to code after using this product.

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