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Integration of technology in education has given us so many options to learn from.

The different types of resources and different ways to assess are another big advantage that has helped students as well as educators. One cool platform that we came across recently is “Be A Wiz”. A learning and assessment platform that will help students ace their concepts with complete knowledge.

Be A Wiz is a novel way of learning. The platform offers computer-based online adaptive tests designed to master the concepts and practice to perfection. These tests adapt student's action to stimulate their minds and incrementally take them to highest levels of conceptual understanding through regular instructions. They help students become a wiz by stimulating their minds and reconfirming through questions.

Pain Points/ Needs: Adaptive Learning, Student Assessment and Student Aid

Compatible Platform: The tool is compatible with devices with iOS, Android, Web & Desktop

How Does It Work: Each test is carefully crafted to flow through twenty levels of difficulty. They use the analogy of a child learning to climb a stair one at a time. Some children learn to climb quickly while some may need more guidance at certain stages. And similarly, step by step guidance is given to students so that they can understand the concepts clearly. They try to replicate this same thought to teach specific topics to children by providing several intermediate steps to guide and steer a student to the top.

The steps followed are:

1. Elicit responses through questions

2. Assess the level of the learner

3. Guide the learner

4. Challenge the understanding of the learner

5. Confirm that the learner understands

6. Move to next mastery level

The difficulty areas, instruction, and guidance required for any two students to climb from Level 1 to Level 20 are very different. Predictive modeling techniques provide customized, specific and targeted instructions to take the student to the highest level of mastery. Proficiency is not attained in a single test session but over several attempts on the same topic.

Pricing: The tool runs on a freemium model where part of the offering is available free of charge. Premium is charged to get access to get the complete portfolio of tests, performance history, and insightful data.

Usability: Proposed solution offers computer-based online adaptive tests designed to complement mainstream education and deliver results. Tests adapt student's action to stimulate their minds to incrementally take them to highest levels of conceptual understanding through regular personalized instructions and guidance. They help students become a wiz by stimulating their minds and reinforcing learning through a Socratic method by using latest trends technology like predictive modeling. The current offering is for students from ICSE and CBSE syllabus from classes 6 to 8.

Supported Videos/Tutorials: Get a feel of the tool from the video below:

Check out some of their case studies in the video below:

Our Review: In our opinion we see this tool as a great way to help students get a better understanding of the lessons they have been trying to learn. The step by step proficiency enables students to get a knack of the lesson and also motivates them to level up. However, one limitation is the limited grades and boards that they are catering to. Hopefully, they will expand on that area soon as this platform can help students if utilized properly.  

Have you explored the tool yet? If not, check it out and make sure you share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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