How is Revature Bridging the Gap between Higher Ed & Top Tech Careers?

How is Revature Bridging the Gap between Higher Ed & Top Tech Careers?

Software development is a highly dynamic field. We see both new and in-demand programming languages, frameworks and technologies emerging, rising to fame and then being overtaken by any other new trend.

In all this rising and falling of trends, the role of a developer is often missed out. It is they, who face the heat of severe competition, of being constantly up to date, stay relevant in the market and learning new skills to brace up their talent of coming up with innovations.

Today, coding with all its merit is considered as the most coveted employability skills in the job market. However, as a matter of fact, the path to a successful career in technology is not more complex than mastering just a few coding languages. This is because, CIOs of organizations are in search of talents who do not simply possess the technology talent but are equipped with talents such like business acumen and soft skills.

Revature as a platform is revolutionary for the gap it bridges between a basic computer science education and a career. Its aim is to connect organizations/ employers with the best of talents. It is a platform that combines recruitment, specialized training and job placement.

Unlike other educational recruiting or training organization present alongside it, Revature is focused on creating an enterprise level software engineer. It provides an online computer science program to those students who need it the most. So for the fresh talents who wish to make a successful career in technology, Revature helps them to find, build, retain and grow their technology talent along with other important skills for the job market.

For grooming purpose, fresh graduates through Revature’s free online programs are exposed to working on real world projects which help them gain experience in the latest enterprise-level programming skills. For the higher education institutes, Revature is an excellent platform as it helps their talented students land a job faster by gaining real world experience, supplementing their skills in the enterprise-level, niche and next gen technologies.

Let’s dive deeper into Revature’s talent delivery programs and unparalleled expertise that is helping bridge the gap between higher ed and top tech careers.

  • It is a platform in which organizations can easily identify top talent from across the country, hire that talent and then put them through an intensive industry grade training program. It creates an enterprise level software engineer who is deployed as a software engineering consultant with one of the premier partners. 
    It has created a bridge from the higher education to the business world, while solving the challenges of the business world by training individuals in the specific skills that are needed in organizations.
  • It is a great facilitator of quality jobs as it recruits talents who are primarily looking out for individuals who can start their career across the country. It is in lookout for candidates who has a four year bachelor’s degree and has undergone an extensive screening process. The extensive screening process is important mainly to identify if they have the right skills to be a successful software engineer.
    Basically, what Revature does is, it hires the talents and brings them to one their training locations to go through a rigorous 3-4 months of training programs that focuses on three key areas such like- soft skills training, business acumen and enterprise-level software training. Once they have completed that program, they then go through a certification process at Revature. The moment they complete successfully the training program, the candidate is immediately deployed as a consultant with one of its clients.
  • Revature is a hybrid solution because it has kept in mind that, there are different skill sets, software etc. that one needs and it is almost impossible for Higher Ed to cover almost everything. So, it helps the potential employees to get their industry certifications that is a good baseline for anyone who is looking for a position as well as to employers to gauge how skilled someone is and what knowledge they have.
  • After the training program is completed successfully, a combination of industry certification is offered for whichever software they have focused on. 
    So, it allows one to really treat that as though it was the equivalent of an enterprise interview. A three-four hour certification process that they go through and at the end of that, with a combination of written assessments as well as the face-to-face interviews. It also does a full certification assessment of individuals who can clearly outline what their equivalent experience is in each of the areas that they’ve been trained on.
  • Companies do not simply look for candidates who has sound knowledge on technology, it’s basically across the board. So through training programs, it tries to bridge the gap when it comes to training the next generation of that skill set.
    At the moment, Revature experts found that there is a greater demand for micro-service and for Java Programming, blockchain technology, digital and many more, so, it does touch upon such technological trends. But, what they also focus upon along with the technical skills is soft skills- including knowledge right from presentations on how to deal with situations to public speaking exercises. The training also includes an understanding of how other departments of the business operates.

Thus, Revature as a platform is trying to broaden the pool of candidates that come into technology. It does not simply encourage talents who are from the computer science background but from other disciplines too, having some kind of foundation of software development. Rest polishing of the skills is done through Revature’s unique training program.

The best aspect of Revature is that it acknowledges the fact that behind the creation of Alexa and a lot of AI platforms include a lot of people in the humanities to understand, skills sets such like marketing and accounting that’s involved in the interaction with coding. One has to know that interact and that’s perhaps why, one finds, software is getting complex day by day. Hear more on how Revature can be a great platform for software engineers in the video below.

To get connected with the team of Revature or in order to discuss how Revature can advance people and technologies for you, kindly fill a short form by clicking here.

And before we leave you completely, we would like to know your views on the platform if you are already a user of the platform or have heard the buzz regarding the platform.


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