Power of Data: How Schools Can Measure, Analyze and Act with Report Bee

Data analytics is imperative for good decision making! Data analytics technologies have pervaded almost every sphere of life to allow individuals and businesses to make better decisions.

Understanding this need in the education sector, forward-thinking companies like Report Bee are utilizing the power of data analytics to deliver revolutionary technology based academic solutions.


Report Bee is a popular, time saving, cloud-based solution for schools to easily record, convert, manage, view academic & co-curricular records, and generate detailed report cards. Schools can communicate with parents via SMS, email or the Report Bee’s mobile app and use add-ons to record student health data & create online questionnaires and assessments.

Report Bee’s data analytics engine presents each student’s subject performances across terms and years in addition to school-wide academic statistics. With highly informative visualized data analytics, Report Bee provides specialized variety of stats & graphs which can be incorporated in to report cards.

Any internet-enabled device in your school (a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) can be used to access Report Bee. It’s light enough to run on low-end computer configurations and internet connections (2G mobile network).

Migration from your existing ERP/school-management-system is seamless with the expert help from the Report Bee’s team.

Report Bee gives multi-tier-controlled access to the school faculty depending on their duties.



With a user base of over 800+ schools and 19,000+ teachers, Report Bee is a must consider platform for your institution.









Here is a quick glance at Report Bee’s functionalities:

Step 1 - Data Collection:

  • Academic: Record student and parent details, marks/grades easily
  • Attendance: Simplified attendance marking and send absentee SMS
  • Health: Student health data recording for consolidated reference
  • Quizzup: Digitize questions, create question papers, question banks and online assessments.


Step 2 - Detailed Report Generation:

  • Report Cards: Get detailed report cards customized to your needs and board specifications with a few clicks.
  • Consolidated Marksheet: Reports featuring student details, academic/co-curricular performance across years, terms, subjects, and standards.




Step 3 - Data Visualization and Analysis

  • Insights: A simple dashboard to understand student academic performance from Macro (school) to Micro (subject/student) level.Accumulated data is presented in simple and understandable line/bar graphs, pie charts, histograms and comparison charts



Step 4 - Communicate Data

  • Messages: Send SMS of student report cards, school events, attendance to parents with a few clicks.
  • Crystal: Parents can review the performance of their children, download report cards, and look at a multi-year analysis of their child’s performance.
  • Parent Mobile App: Schools can keep parents updated with reports and notifications at no additional costs.


In summary, Report Bee allows you to have:

  • Effortless Data Recording: Record student details, grades, attendance, and health data,
  • Marks Conversion: An exam conducted out of 100 marks can be converted to 10 marks or into grades with a click of a button.
  • Tamper Proof Marks and Reports: Once the final marking is done and all grading is completed by a teacher, reports are frozen once “locked and signed-off” by an appropriate person of authority to prevent report tampering.
  • Macro to Micro Level Performance Viewing: Once mark entry is done, view performance insights for the entire school or drill down to insights for a particular standard, section or student with a few clicks.
  • Automatic Report Card Generation: Get detailed, customized report cards for your students in accordance with your education board standards.
  • Historical Analysis and Comparisons: With the data collected over years for all the students, track the performance of one student, a class, a standard, or the entire school across multiple academic years. Compare performance of students between subjects or classes for different terms, track their learning curves, and identify problem areas at a glance.
  • Safe, Paperless Digitization to Reduce Costs: All data is digitally saved over industry grade secure cloud servers with daily backups. Reduce paper-printing costs by keeping all data in the digital format and sending online report cards to parents. Schools can choose to inform parents about a student’s performance, attendance, marks, and even send entire report cards through the parent-app notifications.


Final Verdict

A power-packed solution for academic record-keeping and micro-macro data analysis needs of an institution, Report Bee is an easy to use, data-driven tool for the academia.

Add-on features like Quizzup and health report make this non-traditional academic solution a more diverse system allowing you to harness the power of data driven decision making. Once familiar with the usage, teachers will appreciate the ease of data/mark entry. Report Bee furthers this efficiency by generating school wide report cards with a mere few clicks.

Performance analysis of students is comprehensive and bafflingly easy. Report Bee gives an edge to a school’s academic decision making given the variety of consolidated information on each student right down to individual assessments and subjects.

Over the years, pedagogy has seen a revolution but nothing has come the way of academic data recording, analysis, automation, and data driven teaching in the academia. Report Bee has aptly addressed these areas.

The product is absolutely worthwhile and, at the very least, worth a try. You can watch the product explainer video or request a demo here. Let us know what you think of your experience with Report Bee in the comments.

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