Generation Genius - The Next Generation in Science Videos

Generation Genius - The Next Generation in Science Videos

If you have been searching out for some of the most exciting, professionally-produced, video based science lessons online for your students, well your search ends at Generation Genius.

A platform that wouldn’t be wrong to conclude as a behemoth in the field of assistive learning technologies, it presents some of the most exciting, professionally produced, video based science lessons one can find all too easily.

We all know the power of video technology and how it works as a magnet in holding one’s attention towards grasping information. Blending such attribute of video technology with the marvelous capacity of Dr.Jeff in teaching science, the whole package of Generation Genius science Videos is indeed hard to ignore.

It is basically a platform of streaming science video series, featuring Dr. Jeff Vinokur. He is popularly known as the dancing Scientist and also as the Bill Nye for today’s generation because of his fun, funny and entertaining approach towards science learning. All the resources like videos and supplementary materials (teacher guides, lesson plans, DIY activities and more) are created in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association. The videos support the current science learning standards for grades 3-5.

This one stop solution not only teaches science taking an ulterior approach but a stopping point which ignites classroom discussion and encourages critical thinking. In order, to start enjoying the promising aspects of Generation Genius, one could start off with the free trial and then move on to the annual subscription plan or may be directly start with the different flexible subscription plans, as desired by the user to decide on it. The annual subscription packages are dissected into two options- one for the schools and the other for the classrooms.

Check out the pricing models and pricing structure mentioned below with two very flexible licensing options.

  •         Classroom - $ 95/yr
  •         Schoolwide -$495/yr

Pain Points/Needs

  •         Common Core Standards
  •         Lesson Plans
  •         Video Content

Positive Track Record of the Platform

Generation Genius Science Videos are topping the ranking charts because of its best in class supplemental classroom video offerings that’s specifically meant for the upper elementary schools. With such raving track record to back its offerings, the company is all set to launch the videos for lower elementary and middle school with the same intent and quality per se of Video Content sometime in 2019

The user satisfaction is high and this is evident factually too. Records of Generation Genius’s field test showed, 90% of students enjoyed the videos so much so, that they wanted to watch the video time and again not only on the week days but on the weekends too.


For the science teachers Generation Genius is the right tinge of spice to make pedagogy meaningful, worthwhile and feasible. Please remember, Generation Genius is a complete package. So it’s not just the videos by Dr.Jeff that takes all the credit. What strikes the perfect balance of the all-inclusive package, are the additional elements or the supplemental materials like lesson plans, teacher guides, DIY activities, vocabulary and discussion questions to develop full lessons out of the 12 minute videos.

The hands on activities included in addition to the DIY activities in the lesson plans in reality help the students build critical thinking as they encounter problems while working on the project and to resolve them all, think of some possible solutions. On the flipside, the DIY activities also enable students to replicate many of the experiments they see in the videos, giving them the hands-on experience that is the most essential aspect required to build junior scientists.

Generation Genius was created mainly for regular classroom settings; most lesson activities can be easily adapted for home school situations. The teachers and parents have to collect resources for both lesson presentation and activities while most resources are easy to obtain, planning ahead that’s not very essential.

Most of all, the video lessons helps identify important science concepts, explain them and review in both the video and the expanded lesson plans. Because, the videos are not presented in any particular order so, teachers have the complete freedom to use the video lessons as a supplement or to provide an entire curriculum for third or fourth grade as per their own convenience.

Why use Generation Genius Science Video Lessons?

Apart from the absorbing approach that Dr. Jeff adopts in teaching science lessons and the supplementary elements, one of the most vital property of product is that it covers- videos that touch on topics across the various science disciplines. To give you a glimpse of the topics that it covers- adaptions and the environment, earth’s orbit and rotation, food webs, the water cycle, weather versus climate, conservation of matter, human body systems and others to name them all.

Platforms Compatibility

Generation Genius supports all kinds of web based devices, so enjoy watching the video lesson or reference guides anywhere and at any time by logging in your account.

Final Words

The best part of this video is the story telling art of presenting real facts of science lessons on the forefront. One great component of the video included by Dr Jeff is the blend of fun and frolic element that all children love in teaching some tough and essential concepts of science. A quirky step to teaching science it may look at first, but this is perhaps the element that could spark critical thinking in students and understand science concepts all too well.

Another observation that we found worth quoting while undertaking a walkthrough of the platform is the revision part of lessons. Students have curious mind and in between the absorbing video, it is but natural for them to get distracted. But the aim of Generation Genius science videos is not only to churn curiosity in students or get completely absorbed in the videos full of fun. And, here is where we found the quick summary of the video, discussion questions and the vocabulary segments provided underneath each video lesson worth the salt- to assist students stay focused in learning each concept with precision.

Now talking of the benefits of using Generation Genius Videos as an assistive tool in the science class, well they would definitely benefit in helping students stay absorbed to what they learn and get directions in areas such like assigning DIY activities to students, in planning out lessons and teachers guide. Thus, we think the tool is worth a try and enjoy the full 14 days free trial to examine the platform and evaluate the real time benefits Generation Genius has in store for every user.

For a seamless experience of the platform, we would recommend you to kindly refer to the training videos, by clicking here.

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