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Description:- Vocabulary.com is an online platform to help you learn words, their usage, meaning and hence improve your English vocabulary with the help of advanced quiz based learning and scoring to allow you to compete with the world and stay motivated.

Pain Point/Need:-

Platform:- Web


Vocabulary.com - as the name itself suggests - provides effective tools that help learn new words. The website is neatly designed and laid out, with some crisp and effective means of learning words, the fun and easy way. One thing that annoys almost all of us, is advertising, but here’s something to be cheery about, the website is ad free!

The platform offers very powerful language learning and vocabulary enhancement features through pop-up quizzes, word challenges, and also features awards and achievements based on users’ scores. The system also offers an adaptive learning environment for efficient learning.

Additionally, the platform offers separate lists to help users prepare for exams like SAT, ACT, GRE and ToEFL but uses the same question pattern.

Walk-Through:- As you visit the site, the landing page brings forth a very neat and user friendly interface, that explicitly puts all the features a user may want to access in a lucid manner. The first thing that pops-up on the screen is an MCQ based random question, and once you answer that question the system saves your progress and moves to the next one. Even though you are not logged in, the system can temporarily save your progress.

The website puts up different types of questions and lets you choose an answer from four options, while keeping a track of all the answers. The website features 100,000+ questions and example sentences.

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