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Additionally, if users wish not to take the quiz, they can instead look at the words and their corresponding definitions along with an example sentence. The website also tells how many times users have faced a particular word and how many times it has been answered correctly or incorrectly.

How it really is different from other such MCQ based knowledge builders, is that it has an adaptive learning engine running under the hood. This helps the platform to modify the questions and present them to the user.

It puts up questions to the users to know how good their vocabulary is, and sets a difficulty level for them. Accordingly, the platform builds questions and makes the users learn. If it finds that they are having difficulties with certain words, it will repeat the same words again and again (as ‘Progress’ or ‘Review’ question) in a variety of patterns, for example, as a fill in the blank or by placing the word in a different sentence and then asking the user for its meaning. This adaptability of the system makes it very efficient and useful and thereby offers adaptive learning environment for the users.

The system not only has simple words and their answers, but also allows the users to look at the details like the definition of the word, origin of the word, source of the question, and more. And the sources of examples vary greatly, from newspaper reports to various reference and literature books. The website also features a slick and fast dictionary, which allows the user to search for definitions, synonyms, antonyms, usage in various sentences etc.

 Users can sign up for free by providing their e-mail address. Challenging and competing with your friends requires integration with Facebook. If the user has already made an account (instead of using the Facebook account), and later on wishes to compete with friends and configure Facebook account, the user needs to change the default e-mail ID to that, on which his/her Facebook account is registered.

The website has a number of achievements that a user can unlock by answering questions. Each question carries a certain number of points and extra points are awarded for every achievement unlocked. Achievements are manifold, by completing a round perfectly, having a correct answer streak, mastering a word, so on and so forth; having a total of 43 achievements. The points contribute to various ranks. The user starts at rank ‘Novice’ going upto ‘Word Czar’ making up a total of 20 ranks ensuring a sense of competition among users and prompting them to play again and again. The Leaderboard features every month’s and day’s top scorer.

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