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The users can access a number of word lists defined under specific heads varying in the number of words they contain and learn those specific lists at their leisure. A user can make his own list, and even add words to the same list while doing the quiz. The user also has an option of ‘Scheduling’ to learn a word, wherein, when the user plays ‘The Challenge’, Vocabulary.com would put up those very ‘Scheduled’ words with a higher priority to enhance the learning of those words.


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Our Review:- Vocabulary.com is a very powerful platform for improving your vocabulary with the help of interactive MCQ based questions. The platform is packed with more than 100,000 words along with their examples and details on origin to help the user understand the words and their usage more efficiently. Also the system is equipped with a socializing feature that allows users to compare the scores with friends. Also, by creating an account the user gets an ability to track their progress and learning. The platform is also recommended for language preparations for US studies qualification exams like SAT, GRE, etc.

The UI is very pleasant to use and all the useful panels are clearly listed, which helps in easy navigation to different sections of the site. Overall the site is very useful and offers adaptive learning environment.

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