- The New Platform To Grab and Showcase Expertise Across Disciplines - The New Platform To Grab And Showcase Expertise Across Disciplines

With tech in use knowledge acquisition has become easy as compared to before.

And to add to this, many platforms and OER repositories are coming out every day. One such platform is - a crowd-sourced knowledge repository, where knowledge is created, edited and managed by its community of users. Students, teachers, corporates, bureaucrats, anyone with an area of expertise can publish their knowledge on the platform. The knowledge can be in the form of plain attachments or a well-informed article.

The makers of the platform strive to create a self-sustained community wherein information seekers can find anything about everything shared by someone like you. The users can share informative articles or academic work such as lecture notes, reports, presentations, project work, images, etc. in multiple formats like PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, just to name a few and directly upload content from their computer or share through Google drive.

Pain Points/Needs:

Book Search; Digital Textbooks; Document Library; Educational Search; Marketplace; Open Educational Resources; Publishing; Search


It is a Web based platform.


Users simply have to create an account and there after you can access all the features offered by the platform. The feel and interface of the platform is much like that of any other social media platform where you can follow people, share information articles or make connection based on the similar interests. Users can easily navigate through the website and find what they are looking for. The best part is that the information available varies across topics, disciplines and a wide range of subjects are covered over the platform with no limit to access.


There is no pricing model as of now. User can create and access knowledge free of cost.


- The beauty of the platform is that anyone who has subject matter expertise in any field can contribute, enhance or augment content. Knowledge creators can range from teachers, professors, bureaucrats, corporate executives and students among others.

- Students keep most of the learning content fragmented, in form of hard copy notes or in form of pdfs in their PC's or Google Drive. The content is of relevance, just during the exams or some form of evaluation. Later, the content remains hidden until it is removed because of limited space.

Students don’t have an effective and trusted way to organize and share their content online. The platform allows a user to upload their content on the platform assembled in one place and at the same time allowing others to discover his/her knowledge.

- With this tool users get a chance to showcase their life’s work to millions of people online. A user can post upload content directly from the PC or can import via Google drive. Every creator and knowledge on the platform is authenticated via Quality Score assigned by the community on the content quality itself.

- The best part is that the platform has presence across various grad universities including DU, IPU, SRM, Amity etc. Students of premier institutes such as IIM Indore, IIM Lucknow, XLRI, MDI, NMIMS and NITIE along with other B-Schools are zealously sharing their knowledge and academic work, in turn receiving appreciation and support from experts around the world.

- Over 700+ solved case studies and projects have been uploaded on the platform, making it as one of the largest open source repository for Managements.

- YouTube content creators also have found a unique way to share supplementary content with their viewers; they can now post the content in the form of attachments (pdf, ppt, doc) on and share the link to the content in their YouTube description as an extension to their tutorials. This trend can now be seen in more than 4000 videos.

Our Review:

In my opinion it is a good platform that can help students and people who are looking for some support or learning material would find it of great use. Experts can also optimize this platform to share their knowledge and expertise in their field as well as use it to score their share of recognition and acknowledgement. It would be amazing if makers could avail the feature of categories or adding tag over the piece of information as that would help users find the material quick and easy.

I recommend educators, students and all to check out this platform and share experiences in the comment section below.

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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