TheAnswerPad - Online Student Response System

TheAnswerPad - Online Student Response System

The Answer Pad, is a web based ‘student response system’ built while keeping the BYOD and Blended Learning concepts of the 21st Century Learning in mind, which can also be used for Flipping Classrooms. It’s a platform for teachers allowing 

them to boost students’ response and have more control over the class while improving class engagement.

Pain Point/Need:-


  • Web
  • iPad

Usability:- The Platform is ideally for teachers who wish to take classroom interaction and engagement to a new level, while maintaining maximum control over their class. The Answer Pad is a tool that enables teachers to keep an eye on each student’s learning in the class through a feature called ‘Go Interactive’ as well as track their progress after a class through the answer sheet module and the grading and reporting module that generate extremely detailed reports of a child’s progress.

For More details on ‘what the system does’, please go through the walkthrough below.


Answer Pad is a neatly built system. Registration is free and a user can register as a Student or a Teacher. Teachers can create an account by simply filling up a registration form while students need to have a group name and a group code that their teacher provides them with. Login button is at the top right corner of the screen.

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