TheAnswerPad - Online Student Response System

TheAnswerPad - Online Student Response System

The system is primarily built for iPad Access by students but also supports access from a PC and other Mobile Devices. The iPad application currently features login for students only and is very simple and beautiful. Additionally, it features a registration option in the iPad App as well. The application is fundamentally built for assignment submission and for using ‘Go Interactive’ by the students,

Go Interactive - The draw feature is pretty awesome for such a system, as it pumps up the fun and engagement of a digital learning environment. This is primarily supported on iPad devices as the concept of Answer Pad lies along BYOD.

As a teacher logs into the system, a very simple dashboard is loaded that presents all the navigation links and a welcome guide to help them use the system.

The first step of using Answer Pad is to create a group and invite students to that group. While creating these groups, a teacher can select the appropriate Group Name, and select a grade to which the Group is applicable, starting from K and going all the way up to 12. After this, the teacher can add students to the created groups. This can be done by using any of the following ways: Manual Registration (Avery simple process which involves the manual entry of the students’ basic details that is to say, Name, User Name and Password), Self Registration (Where the teacher can enable the self registration option for the groups by setting the Group Code and the number of days for which the group is open for joining with a maximum limit of 7 days at a stretch.) Import a List (where the teacher can import a CSV file with the specified format and all the students will be added to the class) and Existing Users (Where the teacher can select students from the existing list of users who are already on the system and add them to different groups).

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