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The Answer Pad, is a web based ‘student response system’ built while keeping the BYOD and Blended Learning concepts of the 21st Century Learning in mind, which can also be used for Flipping Classrooms. It’s a platform for teachers allowing 

them to boost students’ response and have more control over the class while improving class engagement.

Pain Point/Need:-


  • Web
  • iPad

Usability:- The Platform is ideally for teachers who wish to take classroom interaction and engagement to a new level, while maintaining maximum control over their class. The Answer Pad is a tool that enables teachers to keep an eye on each student’s learning in the class through a feature called ‘Go Interactive’ as well as track their progress after a class through the answer sheet module and the grading and reporting module that generate extremely detailed reports of a child’s progress.

For More details on ‘what the system does’, please go through the walkthrough below.


Answer Pad is a neatly built system. Registration is free and a user can register as a Student or a Teacher. Teachers can create an account by simply filling up a registration form while students need to have a group name and a group code that their teacher provides them with. Login button is at the top right corner of the screen.

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The system is primarily built for iPad Access by students but also supports access from a PC and other Mobile Devices. The iPad application currently features login for students only and is very simple and beautiful. Additionally, it features a registration option in the iPad App as well. The application is fundamentally built for assignment submission and for using ‘Go Interactive’ by the students,

Go Interactive - The draw feature is pretty awesome for such a system, as it pumps up the fun and engagement of a digital learning environment. This is primarily supported on iPad devices as the concept of Answer Pad lies along BYOD.

As a teacher logs into the system, a very simple dashboard is loaded that presents all the navigation links and a welcome guide to help them use the system.

The first step of using Answer Pad is to create a group and invite students to that group. While creating these groups, a teacher can select the appropriate Group Name, and select a grade to which the Group is applicable, starting from K and going all the way up to 12. After this, the teacher can add students to the created groups. This can be done by using any of the following ways: Manual Registration (Avery simple process which involves the manual entry of the students’ basic details that is to say, Name, User Name and Password), Self Registration (Where the teacher can enable the self registration option for the groups by setting the Group Code and the number of days for which the group is open for joining with a maximum limit of 7 days at a stretch.) Import a List (where the teacher can import a CSV file with the specified format and all the students will be added to the class) and Existing Users (Where the teacher can select students from the existing list of users who are already on the system and add them to different groups).

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AnswerPad offers 3 types of subscriptions for teachers. Starting with the Single Teacher Plan - which is the default subscription plan and is free. It is only applicable for 1 teacher and 1 classroom with a maximum of 36 students at a time. Next is the Individual Teacher Plan, where the limits on the number of classes and the number of students are waved off so the teacher can have unlimited classes added to their accounts and unlimited students as well. Another plan is for an entire school/institution, which offers full system access with the only variation being cost/student/teacher.

While adding additional student licenses for Individual student plans, the teachers can also use a coupon code to get additional discounts.

The Go Interactive features allows teachers to connect with all their students present in the class over an iPad or a PC and receive instant responses to questions. This helps in collaboration, as it allows a teacher to seek response from the students in a variety of ways like: Multiple Choice, True/False, Yes/No, Up/Down, Fill-in, Slider and even custom shapes. Also, teachers can send blank canvases to students for them to draw on(such as, a diagram or a shape), and once the students submit their response, the teacher can see all the responses in real time making teaching more effective.

Another great thing about this platform is that the system allows teachers to create customised frameworks for assignments as well as tests that empower the teacher to have full control over the teaching.

The answer sheet creator module also provides great features like, reviewing and home access to ease out the tasks of conducting assignments and tests. All of this is backed up by the advanced Grading System.

The system offers an advanced detailed reporting and grading module that allows teachers to get comprehensive reports of each student, about how they have performed in each test, including the time taken to complete the tests and therefore helping them to have formative as well as summative assessment.

The system offers great accessibility with a simple UI to facilitate user engagement and to ensure maximum productivity with its powerful features.

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  1. Single Teacher: Free
  2. Individual Teacher: $10 for Teacher + $1/Student
  3. Answer Pad School: Contact the support staff for the quote

Our Review: The Answer Pad is a very unique student response system that provides the capability to a teacher to interact with a class in real-time and to keep an eye on how each student understands and copes up with the topics being covered in the class. Also, the system is based on BYOD and Blended Learning. The platform can be very easily used for flipping the classrooms as well owing to the fact that everything is web based and mobile device friendly, allowing access from anywhere. The pre-existing question types are very helpful for teachers and the reporting and grading system is very poise.

We can't stress more on the fact that the Real-Time Interaction takes all the points from us and we love the ease that the system provides to add and manage students. The Answer Pad team is working on a new feature of putting in the social connect feature, Advanced MCQ’s and a couple of more things, and we look forward to them.

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