Typing.com: One-stop Shop for Students to Build Fundamental Career and Life Skills

There are numbers of educational apps and tools that have been created, and continue to, across the world to help students easy to learn or teachers to teach better. But there are not many that actually help students and teachers to succeed beyond the classroom. However, here is one that is helping millions succeed not just in the classroom but well beyond. You haven’t heard its name yet? Well, it’s called Typing.com.

Typing.com is a free online platform used by millions of students and professionals worldwide to build fundamental career and important life skills. It is a product of Teaching.com, a platform that builds fun and engaging online educational apps arming millions of students and teachers worldwide with the tools to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Typing.com provides students with the foundation of technology through online lessons, activities, and games. Not just for students, the platform provides teachers, schools, and districts with powerful management and reporting tools to ensure each student’s success. Teachers and administrators can grade, track, and report on student’s progress in real time. The free Teacher Portal provides educators with all the tools they need to guide students in building important career and life skills.

Benefits/usability of Typing.com

Aligned with national standards (ISTE and Common Core), teachers and students use Typing.com to build fundamental career and life skills including:

  • Keyboarding lessons, Tests, and Games
  • Tech Readiness and Computer Basics
  • Online Safety and Behavior
  • Coding Curriculum
  • Career Readiness and Workplace Professionalism
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Word Processing Essentials


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Besides the above benefits for students, teachers can use the custom curriculum option to improve retention with cross-curricular learning opportunities. Typing.com also provides a scope and sequence document to make it easy for teachers to integrate content into the lesson plans they have already created. Alignment with Clever, ClassLink, and Google Classroom makes it easy for teachers to integrate Typing.com into their classroom with simple single-sign-on access. Powerful administrative tools give teachers the power to assign content as needed, giving them control of what information students are accessing at any time. Also, being an online program, teachers can assign activities for homework and use the reporting feature to ensure that students are completing their assignments. What more beneficial tools do you expect from a single platform?

Reasons you'll love Typing.com

Engaging curriculum: Students learn valuable technology fundamentals - designed by experts for students of every skill level.

Gamified Learning: Engage students with fun typing games, interactive lessons, and achievements.

Make it your own: Enhance learning by creating your own lessons for cross-curricular reinforcement.

Multilingual content and instruction: Instructions and lessons available in Spanish or English – you choose.

Platforms: Compatible with iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop.

Well, what is even more exciting about Typing.com is that in order to provide these technology foundations to as many students as possible, it has made every aspect of its platform completely free - to students, to teachers, and to districts. However, while all pieces of Typing.com are completely free, if a school or district would like to provide their students with an ad-free experience, they can purchase student licenses, starting at $3.79/student/year and going down from there.

Our viewpoint about Typing.com for you

While there are many educational apps and tools with lots of benefits for students and teachers, there are hardly few that truly help students and teachers succeed beyond the classroom. Typing.com is one that tries to bridge that gap. Moreover, in this cut-throat technology world, just knowing facts and figures has almost nothing to do anymore, so providing students with the foundation of technology and arming them with the skills that will be needed in their future life is the need of the hour. And Typing.com is doing exactly that. From keyboarding lessons, tech readiness and computer basics, and coding fundamentals, to communication and collaboration, internet safety and behavior, and career prep, Typing.com truly help students ready for the future. So why don't you give it a try to build fundamental career and important life skills to survive in this cut-throat tech world?

About the Author
Author: Stephen Soulunii
Stephen Soulunii No more a student, but love to learn. Not a teacher, but care about how students are taught. Not an educator, but want everyone to be educated. Not a social worker, but desire to see change. Not a reformer, but always want to see a better world. The author believes that only sound education can bring a better future, better world and technology can help achieve a lot in this field.

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