ODEM: The Online Ed & Course Marketplace That Connects Students, Educators, Service Providers, and Employers

ODEM: The Education Marketplace that Connects Students, Educators, Service Providers, and Employers

How many companies or platforms in the entire world you know that provide a single, trusted, worldwide network that integrates all levels of the education supply chain? Not many, really! But here is one that exactly provides that. And it’s ODEM!

Heard its name for the first time? Well, ODEM is an on-demand education marketplace that connects students, educators, and universities or accredited entities where, together, they develop and engage in personal and group in-person educational programs. It is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that provides a single, trusted, and worldwide network that integrates all levels of the education supply chain.

Usability/benefits of ODEM for students, educators, and universities and training providers

Blockchain technology forms the foundation of the ODEM platform. The platform also uses artificial intelligence for various purposes that benefits all stakeholders involved. Below are some remarkable benefits that ODEM provides for students, educators, and service providers:

  • Blockchain technology serves to link all the moving parts related to organizing, administering, and sharing information about program offerings.
  • Artificial intelligence helps to seamlessly manage complex requests, organizing complete educational programs around the world.
  • AI also helps discover and match students and service providers based on pre-set requirements.
  • Students and other education buyers can easily research and find the perfect curriculum from educators around the world.
  • For educators, it increases their visibility among all education buyers, generates real-time feedback on programs, and pays incentives for the development of relevant programs.
  • The platform reduces costs and improves access to premium education by directly connecting educators with students eliminating inefficient and costly intermediaries.
  • Students can see an educator’s full credentials and teaching history as identity and reputation are carefully managed with public and private profiles.
  • ODEM’s Ethereum smart contracts ensure painless cross-border payments across all currencies and instill trust when managing international transactions.
  • Both students and educators are incentivized with ODEM Tokens to continually increase the quality of their program content.

Besides the above benefits, the ODEM platform allows students to select their desired programs and take courses that are designed by employers seeking specific skill sets. Students can tailor their study schedule to their lifestyle and learning preferences. They can choose in-person courses, online-interactive training, or a blended learning format. Students can store their academic records on the Ethereum blockchain, a decentralized file storage system accessible from the ODEM platform. Education transcripts and credentials on the blockchain are controlled and owned by students, so they can instantly verify and share their qualifications with future employers and recruiters.

ODEM works with employers who are actively looking for new talent. Employers use the ODEM platform as a recruiting tool based on verified academic or work experience records. So students can fill out their career profile with the ODEM Skills Wizard to view which skillsets match their competencies in the current job market and get hired by the suitable employers from the ODEM platform.

Above all, what is even more exciting is ODEM is absolutely free and can be accessed on all iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop platforms.

What we say about ODEM

From helping students prepare their future by taking up a course, earn credentials, showcase their skills, and connect with employers, to helping educators support students’ educational growth, to helping universities and training providers equip the students with immediately verifiable academic transcripts, certificates, and diplomas, to helping employers access verified academic credentials of students and employees with the most in-demand skills and qualifications, ODEM truly revolutionize and integrates all levels of the education supply chain. Truly, there’s not a company or organization that connects students, educators, service providers, and employers all in a single platform such as ODEM.

To register on the ODEM platform, you can watch the demo video below:



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