WordQ+SpeakQ: A Powerful Tool to Learn and Improve Writing & Speaking English Language

WordQ+SpeakQ: A Powerful Tool to Learn and Improve Writing & Speaking English Language

Are you weak in speaking and writing in English and think ability to effectively communicate in the language has a lot to do in your personal as well as professional life?

You are not alone. There are millions who face the same problem and think the same.

Mastering English is increasingly becoming a necessity to improve career prospects. However, learning the language, speaking and producing grammatically correct work is a daunting task, especially for those individuals for whom it is their second or third language. Communicating effectively in English requires using correct grammar, spellings, punctuations, and words. Correct usage of these helps speech and work to be easily understood. Recognizing this, Minerva Education Solutions have now introduced WordQ+SpeakQ developed by Quillsoft Ltd., Canada, which helps people learn to write and speak the language with ease. 

WordQ+SpeakQ is a literary support software that helps English language users of all ages by offering state-of-the-art word prediction, speech feedback, proofreading and speech-to-text functionalities. The software can be used while typing on any word processor, e-mail client, chat client, and presentation software both online and offline. Whether one is an elementary or high school or college/university student, a professional, a homemaker, with a physical or learning disability, dyslexia, or a first or second language learner, WordQ+SpeakQ helps the user read and write better.

Some of the remarkable benefits that WordQ+SpeakQ offers include:

  • Word prediction: The word prediction feature uses the state-of-the-art algorithm to help users when writing their reports or essays by prompting the most probable words to use. The software also displays synonyms and word usage in sentences, displayed alongside the words, which help users figure out the best words to use.
  • Specific topics: The software has a dictionary of 110,000 words and more can be added depending on the user’s needs. It allows users to add words relevant to a topic, for instance, medical terms, banking/financial terms, etc. by copying content from online/offline sources, so that when a user selects a particular topic to write, words relevant to that topic will be predicted more often.
  • Abbreviations: The software also allows users to type abbreviations and have the software expand that automatically.
  • Speech feedback: Using the speech feedback functionality, learners can have the software read out any online/offline content, thus helping them improve their pronunciation and speaking abilities. Advanced users can use this feature to proofread their typed work.
  • Speech trainer: Using this feature, the software can help users train the software to recognize their voice and convert speech to text. This feature along with the word prediction can help users with speech or learning difficulties capture their thoughts better. The speech trainer functionality can also be used to improve the diction of English language learners. For advanced users, this functionality can be used to dictate to the software and thus capture their ideas faster.

Pricing model of WordQ+SpeakQ software

The software has two versions when it comes to pricing:

WordQ – This version has word prediction and speech feedback functionalities. It is priced at INR 3,500/- one time, lifetime cost.

WordQ+SpeakQ - This version has speech-to-text functionality along with all the functionalities of WordQ. It is priced at Rs.5,000/- one time, lifetime cost.

The company allows users to download and try the software free for 30 days. You can download the free trial version at www.wordqindia.com and decide whether you want to purchase or not after the trial. The software is available on the web and desktop in India.

You can take a quick look at how both WordQ and SpeakQ work!

WordQ overview



SpeakQ overview



Minerva Education Solutions’ WordQ is indeed an amazing writing skill improvement tool. It helps users improve all aspects of communication, making them create better quality written work. Not just writing, SpeakQ combined with WordQ brings in speech recognition and helps users improve their ability to speak English more clearly and correctly. Try WordQ+SpeakQ and give yourself a chance to improve your reading, writing and speaking in English language.

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