Elephango: A Perfect Curriculum Companion for K-12 Students to be Future-ready

Elephango: A Perfect Curriculum Companion for K-12 Students to be Future-ready

How do you see the future of your child in this rapidly changing world? What do you think we need to do as a parent, teacher or learning provider to make our children future-ready? Yes, we need to help them prepared with anything and everything to meet that rapidly changing future.

Well, this is what Elephango is exactly doing to help prepare learners for a future that cannot yet be defined. To be future-ready, one must be ready for change, willing to learn and able to think critically. And this is what Elephango is doing through its educational lessons that connect learning to real life.

An industry leader in research-based curriculum resources, Elephango is designed as a curriculum companion site for K-12 students. It is designed to create lifelong learners who are ready for that rapidly changing future. Elephango’s lessons are fully vetted and structured to align with brain research and learning. Each lesson provides section to guide learning using digital experiences and application of concepts. Lessons are added each week to meet the customer recommendations and current events.

Elephango allows learners to search or learn by subject, grade, learning style, personality style, content type (Interactive and video), and lesson type. Student engagement is tracked using a Leaderboard. Elephango’s lessons are designed to allow parents and teachers to add a level of personalization that just isn’t possible through traditional programs. From lessons designed for skillbuilding to deeper dives into topics that interest them, students can access lessons across all subjects and grade levels.

How it works

Finding the right lesson with the perfect resources and activities is never a big task at Elephango. It starts with learning and personality style assessment and personal report filled with tips, tools, and insights into each learner. Then, Elephango unlock incredible possibilities with learning that are tailored to what motivates and excites learners.

Benefits that Elephango offers for students, teachers, parents, and administrators

For student:

  • Lessons are written to the student for more active learning engagement and in short sections to align learning and brain research.
  • Student can browse lessons based on interest and/or academic need.
  • Student can save lessons as favourites and/or within associated folders for later viewing.
  • They can customize a learning path utilizing the categorized lessons by content, grade level, etc.
  • Student completion results appear on a Leadership board and motivate for more active learning.
  • They can choose to complete a project, answer questions, hold a discussion, create a model, etc. as their application for learning.

For teacher:

  • Teachers can provide differentiated learning opportunities by choosing and assigning Elephango lessons that align with individual student personality, learning style, academic level, etc.
  • They can customize student assignments based upon needs for each student.
  • They have visibility of student activity and student feedback on completed lessons.

For parent:

  • Family membership promotes assignment of lessons for up to four students.
  • It provides visibility on all K-12 and parent resource lessons to customize learning and experiences for each family member.
  • Family membership also provides ease in access to each family member student portal to assign lessons and view completed lessons.

For administrators:

  • Enable/assign teacher groups for individual student lesson assignment.
  • Oversight of teacher groups, students, lesson results on dashboard.
  • Oversight of active vs. inactive students

Pricing model of Elephango

Family membership is based on a monthly subscription for full year at $19.99/month or $16.67 per month/full year. School membership varies upon student licensing purchased. School membership includes one student enrolment/license while family membership includes up to four students from one family.

Elephango lessons are considered an avenue to enhance textbook, homeschool, online and/or classroom instruction. Its lessons are considered a curriculum companion or a full curriculum. The categories for learning include core content, social, visual arts, adult learning, and more. If you seriously think the need to help prepare your child for that rapidly changing future, then Elephango is one right platform for you and your child. 

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Author: Stephen Soulunii
Stephen Soulunii No more a student, but love to learn. Not a teacher, but care about how students are taught. Not an educator, but want everyone to be educated. Not a social worker, but desire to see change. Not a reformer, but always want to see a better world. The author believes that only sound education can bring a better future, better world and technology can help achieve a lot in this field.

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