Showcase: A Student-owned Digital Portfolio

Showcase: A Student-owned Digital Portfolio

A student has many essential things such as documents, certificates, assignments, essays, project works, images and others that need to be maintained during his/her school/college life, some even after or throughout, especially the educational certificates. However, maintaining such things in a traditional physical file is no longer possible by many in this digital era. But what happens when there don’t exist a proper place to store or maintain them? Yes, they are bound to be misplaced, misused or even lost, isn’t it?

Well, to help students with this need, here is one that provides a convenient and easy-to-use platform where students can add, upload and maintain any documents or work – all in one place. We’re talking about SHOWCASE – the platform appropriately called a student-owned digital portfolio.

So what is Showcase?

Showcase is a lightweight, student-driven portfolio that represents only the work students are proud to share. It is not a place where teachers can assign a grade or decide what is included, but entirely a student-owned platform with various convenient and easy-to-use features.

Benefits/usability of Showcase

Showcase comes with a host of benefits for the users/students. Below are some of the most remarkable ones which students can avail on its platform:

  1. Students can add files from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, upload documents and images of physical work.
  2. They can link to any publicly accessible link (graphs on Desmos, projects on, video presentations on YouTube).
  3. Students can collect their work digitally throughout the year, so there’s no hassle to find old assignments or works or ask teachers for copies when needed.
  4. Students have complete control over their Showcase portfolio, and never need to justify a low grade or include a plan to improve.
  5. Students can share their Showcase portfolios at family conferences, with potential employees or even when applying to colleges.
  6. Students, teachers and other school staff members can join their school using a school code.
  7. Students’ portfolios can be viewed by all school staff members.
  8. Students can additionally choose to share their portfolios publicly with a personal URL.

What more? Students can use Showcase on all platforms/devices including iOS, Android, Web and Desktop. But what is even more exciting about the platform for the users is – everything is 100% free. Students don’t have to pay anything to use the platform or their digital portfolio.

Students, why don’t you make use of the platform and enjoy the complete control of your portfolio?

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Author: Stephen Soulunii
Stephen Soulunii No more a student, but love to learn. Not a teacher, but care about how students are taught. Not an educator, but want everyone to be educated. Not a social worker, but desire to see change. Not a reformer, but always want to see a better world. The author believes that only sound education can bring a better future, better world and technology can help achieve a lot in this field.

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